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  1. +1 on this feature. I was just looking for how to do this and found this thread. Being able to save custom sizes for web site project would be awesome. headers, cover page sizes, etc.
  2. Thanks again for the work! Fingers crossed I can replicate your results using only AD and Inkscape. Not looking to buy another app just to manipulate a few of these files.
  3. Wow! Thanks for doing that Mike!!! From my qrscan it does appear you got it right. I think I understand why the QR was built that way. One of the features of the application I used is the ability to have a background gradient and each block in the QR needs to be a mask to it's part of that gradient. Certainly possible to create a more complex object as you've done but it would make the generating algorithm more complex. Any tricks to how you went about unpacking the mess? Ken
  4. I'm having an issue opening a specific svg or pdf formatted file. I can display the file fine using other applications but trying to use it as a part of a graphic project is proving impossible. I've attached the pdf, svg and a tiff version of the file so you can see what it should look like. The PDF displays fine using Preview.app and the SVG looks correct in Safari. I note there are a couple other recent reports of issues with pdf and svg file interpretation but not sure if this is related. qrcode-bc-kb.pdf qrcode-bc-kb.svg qrcode-bc-kb.tiff
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