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  1. Ash posted a response to the in app purchase critique which I find more than reasonable. Did you happen to read it? Here is a link to the post.
  2. It’s the Great Peasants’ Revolt. I guess that comes with having such a low barrier to entry all these years. Oh well, maybe by V3 the peasants will have left. Hold the line 💪
  3. Good to hear. I also noticed it felt a bit off, and seem to consistently miss nesting/mask/group target.
  4. This should be your main post thesis, I would not have commented. I can empathize with you, fair points. I don’t agree with them, but that’s your right. But this is not affecting everyone so I am not sure it is the right approach to call Serif untrustworthy due to isolated experiences. I also would love a bug free experience for all software I use, but that is not the case.
  5. No, not at all. And you did this last thread to another user - appeal to victim status. I don’t have the habit of seeing others as disadvantaged, to me the writing was clear. Hailing for technical support (which everyone here supports) is not the same as what was posted. My writing is blunt but civil. Rants posted on a public forum are not free of criticism. Thanks for reeeeeeeeading!
  6. Brigading, trolling? The front page is dominated by rant after rant. Positivity posts congratulating serif were shill bombed within minutes. There are constructive ways to express dissatisfaction without having to resort to character assassination or slander. OP did not mention technical issues until later in thread, which obviously no one would argue with. Saying otherwise is somewhat disingenuous. Only slander and misleading remarks catch my attention and merit my attention. "Really Embarrassed" is not a constructive thread title and does not convey a technical issue in anyway. It is the very definition of trolling. The sky is not falling, and hyperbolic writing is not at all productive. Next.
  7. While expecting lifetime free updates? So use V1? Or request a refund? But that would undermine your position that Serif is “unreasonable.” I would hardly consider charging a small fee for V2 a trick. Btw Serif brought us years of free updates. A trick would be creating a monopoly by buying up startups, push proprietary formats, then force a perpetual LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION FEE for access. That, my friend, is a trick. Anything else is simply business.
  8. I suppose if the content and virtuous among these forums are considered the nails then I agree.
  9. I might be in the minority, but the stroke width slider seems imprecise for values less than 1 pt. Considering most of the page templates are in ratio with .1 to 1 pt width, trying to assign .3, for example, is very tricky as it requires pixel perfect precision. This is why I though it might be more beneficial to make the slider logarithmic so initial values (lower) are easier to select. I do not use anything above 10 pts, so a smooth linear line to 100 pt seems less beneficial. The other alternative is an input field to type the value in (which perhaps I missed).
  10. Which I believe translates loosely to an English proverb “The squeaky wheel gets the grease” 😀
  11. Hi Adobe 👋, welcome to the forums. How is your infiltration campaign going? I love Serif. The end.
  12. Companies don’t usually offer discounted rates for currency conversion because anyone can now switch on a VPN and change their region to Brazil, for example. Have you considered using Gimp? It’s free and is more than enough for a hobbyist. Also, Blender has ink tool and other drawing components- different idea but it’s free as well.
  13. Much of what we see here on the forums is manufactured outrage from new accounts and sleeper accounts. Some hilarious examples are new accounts threatening to switch to Adobe CC expensive monthly subscription rather than pay a small fee for V2. Since muting some of the more over-the-top manic/obsessive posters, my visits here are much more enjoyable. Glad you are loving the update!
  14. UI conventions use this technique because of how light works in the real world, it builds off how shadows work. Your example is opposite, and would be confusing if an icon doesn’t allow interactivity there would be no way to show it. When showing depth an outer shadow is used while to show inner depth an inner shadow is used. The tricky part is making this work with a flat UI style. In this case their hierarchy of colors is correct, but have been used to represent both toggle and active states which could use distinction, though I don’t think it is unintuitive for the majority of users.
  15. Blue might work for active tools, though, and reserve darker state for on/off scenarios.
  16. I just checked V2 designer on iPad and one thing I noticed missing from desktop is hot keys up top showing as not available when an object selection isn’t active. The snap icon makes sense though because darker means recessed or pressed. It might benefit from a little inner shadow to show it as an inset button.
  17. Another thing I noticed that makes sense as-is are the transpose tools. They aren’t options that are active or not because they are simply stateless hot keys. Flip horizontal, for example is directional and the visual queue needed comes from the object. It really exists as a convenience to the right click menu containing transpose selectors.
  18. The last option looks like it’s selected instead of toggled. Snap is a toggle not an active selection. You’ve posted quite a few opinions on how you think UI should look. Do you have a portfolio of work you can share so we may see your work in action to get an idea of how you apply these examples?
  19. It’s so weird how some people are able to enjoy things, isn’t it? Maybe take a break from the forums for a bit, touch some grass, go for a walk.
  20. V2 has a very bright future. It seems the entire core of the software needed to fork to v2 to clear the way for 2.0 roadmap and shed eliminate whatever technical barriers existed in v1. Considering the complexity of StudioLink, something even Adobe can’t replicate without rewriting 20+ years of legacy code stacked on legacy code across all of their apps, this release is pretty smooth. Forums are never a reliable indicator of overall satisfaction because happy users are busy working.
  21. Not speaking for accessibility users, but for users operating with two hands my left hand is literally right at the lower left of my iPad doing nothing while my right hand holds the pen. Literally right next to the delete button. Also Fitts law is antithetical to speed. Popup menus right where I am working are horrible. They get in the way, are cumbersome, and add time to each step. It’s right up there with GDPR invoking annoying “I accept this is a website and understand I am using the internet” buttons. Just look at Wordpress Guttenberg editor which has a control panel obtrusively popup above textual input anytime the cursor is moved. I think there can be multiple ways to delete an object including swipe (requires putting pen down, btw), and a static icon. At the end of the day, all use cases can be accommodated.
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