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  1. Does anyone have any experience using Pages that comes with macOS? Apparently it can handle EPUB, and I was reading if I need it in Mobi format for Kindle, there is a free software called Calibre that can convert EPUB to any format. http://calibre-ebook.com/ I only ask because I try to avoid application bloat where possible, and Jutoh is yet another license to track among the hundred or so I already have! Thanks for any info, as I'd like to start formatting as soon as possible.
  2. I just searched this forum after encountering the problem many times including about 10 mins ago. I never thought to check Magnet, but it does seem to occur around the same time as using Magnet to resize the Affinity window. Quitting Magnet made pinch to zoom on trackpad work immediately. (2017 MacBook Pro, Mojave 10.whatever the newest is)
  3. I would love to see an option that forces all resize selections to constrain without using shift modifier rather than the way it is now where resize constraint varies depending on selection. Current workflow is something like (off the top of my head, might not be 100% accurate) Image selected = constrained; use shift modifier to break Multiple images selected = unconstrained, use shift modifier to force. Single vector layer = unconstrained, use shift to force Group of layers = constrained, use shift modifier to break multiple groups of layers selected = unconstrained, use shift modifier to force The problem with this is that when selecting objects on canvas , I might be grabbing a variety of the above so I always have to closely watch ratios to make sure nothing gets skewed. I need items unconstrained maybe 5% of the time, thus the option to just force constraint with shift to unconstrain ALL no matter selection would be highly beneficial. Thanks for the great work with 1.7!
  4. I recall in a previous version it was relatively easy to select a text path by simply selecting the text. Now it seems it requires selecting precisely the actual path, otherwise layer in background becomes selected.
  5. I've run into this issue on a number of occasions and I believe it has something to do with grouped objects. Whether that has something to do with Affinity or not is another question. I am not sure if this is the correct workaround, but I usually just create a hi-res flattened file double the size of what needs to be printed but still using same width/height ratio. I couldn't understand why a designer I was working with once saved a 24" x 24" poster file with literal dimensions (file size was huge), and the issue described above is probably why.
  6. Hi Great work on affinity Designer or iPad. I had one suggestion I noticed when using the dropper gesture, It’s way too easy to accidentally toggle droppper selector when you’re trying to zoom in or out on your image. My suggestion is rather than having to switch tools from whatever you’re working on to the dropper tool on left lower menu bar, selecting your color, then continuing to switch to whatever tools you were working on, why not make the dropper tool a tap-and-hold-to-toggle. You press Your finger on it, select your color, then release. This way there is no unnecessary switching or using a rather error prone gesture.
  7. Creative Suite is quite nice, no doubt, but not the 50 / month for life tether that it comes with, and the fact you had to get the entire cc suite just to get indesign, or pay for it by itself for 30 a month. What a joke Adobe turned their business model into. Not a joke for the investors though. I'm happy to wait for Affinity's entry into market. Not to mention they are probably developing a iPad app version in tandem which would probably add to the delay. They have raised the bar on their own software over the last two years, so it's probably increased production time on Publisher making sure it meets their quality.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm trying to work with an isometric view in Designer and Photo to get an app and website presentation to my client. I'm not really sure how to go about it. Setting up the grid, I end up with some awkward angles, or I stretch the image in ways that doesn't look convincing using live perspective- which I also sort of have to guess. Is there a simple set up for the grid to get something similar to the attachment below? I've tried opening some perspective mock-up templates for psd in Photo, but I do not think the two formats are compatible. Thanks for any tips!
  9. Does this Is this why I am noticing in both Photo and Designer that Shift and ALT swap depending on how many layers you are trying to resize? Due to the auto ratio constraint being on by default? It's an old Adobe habit I have of constantly holding shift while moving things, I guess I need to get used to it. Now that you mentioned it I see I don't have to hold shift, which is what kept messing me up haha
  10. The first time I went for a symbol was to create a text object. I wasn't really sure how they worked, but I had imagined that I could create a text symbol that would globalize color, font type, size, etc on the object while not globalizing the actual text string within the block. That way I could experiment with styling of all text in my art board like inline styles, headings, heroes, etc. I see that is not the case, and thought I'd add it to the feature request list. It would be quite awesome to add another UI feather in Designers cap by allowing us to choose which parts of an object become globalized. This could extend to shapes for instance. Maybe I want to retain size only and allow each to have independent color, etc. My two cents :)
  11. I didn't either! I loaded up a shape just to practice shading. The brush setting I used had a very gradual (forgiving) nozzle setting, so it was a very slow application of color which allowed me to just worry about the colors and not drowning an area in color. I loaded up a picture on google as reference for the folds of skin. It was fun, and took me a while. 10 / 10, will draw rhino again :)
  12. Thanks folks! I'm just excited to have found something that is allowing me to broaden my horizons. It's such a great tool!
  13. I want to say that beyond vector graphics for logos or prototypes for web pages, I could never draw more than a lopsided stick figure. Honestly, didn't even occur to me to try to draw anything more because I thought the results would be horrible based on past experiences. Well, I bought AD last week, practiced shapes and logos and found a few texture packs on these forums which I purchased and love. Then I somehow managed to make this. What I've drawn doesn't even compare to the talent I see around here, but it's a big step for me as an artist/designer. I just want you guys to know, I don't draw things. I design, but I don't draw. Designer was the conduit that let me see that I can. Thanks for that. I started with the flat vector rhino in the diorama.
  14. I just wanted to pop in and thank you for doing such a great job with Designer. There are too many workflow improvements to name, but coming from the big brand vector program (I'm sure I need not say which) I can appreciate them. -Selecting not grabbing every object on screen -Zoom scaling with panning handles and not becoming wildly sensitive where one px of mouse movement equaling "where did my drawing go?" -Pen tool, drawing vectors ridiculously easy. -Responsive UI that doesn't get in the way. -Intuitive color selectors. The wheel is awesome. -Personas. Still can't believe I'm not exporting into a different program to bounce between textures. -Transparency tool. What a time saver. No masking required. -Masking is a breeze. -The artboard. Infinite work space is really cool, new way of working for me. -And most importantly, everything I tried to do was intuitive and things that were different I learned in about 5 minutes. Started my first project within an hour of launching the thing. I do web development and design and I'm now using this exclusively for prototyping. It actually makes the process enjoyable. I was searching for an alternative from the subscription model currently making its rounds. So anyways, just thought I'd give some accolades for a job well done. I don't know how this only cost 50.00 bucks, seriously. You should make an asset shop, I'd be happy to support it. Cheers!
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