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  1. kittinzaa

    Brush strokes glitch

    Because I saw Max N keep asking about it even in another thread but no any replied about fixing this problem from Serif also this bug seem to link to another bug that leaving dot when moving canvas since January 2017 and still not fix. Anyway I'm just doing trial with hope that this might replace photoshop and got into this killer bug so I'll just back to PS. I see a lot of potential in Affinity I wanna say I would buy it even it cost like $100 but with better stability and performance. You guys should focus more on digital art users I belive you could gather a lot of money.Many people hate subscribtion model use this at your advantage.
  2. kittinzaa

    Brush strokes glitch

    I just tried the trial and got into this problem it imposible to paint with this. There is another thread of the same issue And seem serif still don't notice this problem ?
  3. I've tried trail version and I can't even make a soft airbrush like Photoshop which I think very importance for photo editing. I see a lot potential on this software do not ignore digital painting users. so many artists are rely on Photoshop so if you can mimic brush feature and responsiveness like Photoshop also with this price its really a game changer I see a lot of money $$.