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  1. I 've tried the new DxO Nik Collection, and so far it works fine, there are no crashes. I have Affinity Photo You need to configure Plugins Folder according to where you installed your plugins.. in Affinity Settings. There is a "Beta" .. download it and try it out, before you buy it. I have that Stuff all on a actual Intel Machine with Nvidia Graphics .. with Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 (Build 17134.48).
  2. THanks for researching.. this is awesome! ^^ .. For Tracking i only used Blender.. which is also nice for CG stuff. (See youtube)
  3. Thanks for that warm welcome! :) Yeah i am now trying the demo the second day (.. now working with inkscape and gimp, but also knows the Ad*be tools) .. but your products rock! i definately buy design and photo... Will there be any discounts for "upgrading"? Will there be a Linux Version sometimes?
  4. oh wow thanks for that thing, i only need basic cutting and export to youtube.. it's mostly a grading tool with basic cutting. So i dont think it can do Motion Tracking or Stuff like that.. :/
  5. How many updates are included when i buy a Product? Are there only minor updates included? Do i have to buy a new License if there is a new "major" Version out? Thanks for your information!
  6. sorry for making some ad .. but i prefer Davinci Resolve for Editing Videos, cause it's free.
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