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  1. I think I found what I need. After expading the strokes and unioning the nodes go to Geometry/divide. It works on some simple shapes I made but not for the drawing I wanted to finish out. When I try to use the more complex art it all dissapears. Any ideas?
  2. Close but not exactly what I will work for the job. Thanks for the effort Paekke!
  3. What I am trying to do is replicate a function in AI that goes like this. 1. Object/expand (convert all my lines and brush strokes to curves). 2. Pathfinder/Unite into one shape. 3. Object/Compund Path Release. Any way to do this in Affinity so I can pick a section and fill with color or delete? Thanks!
  4. Appreciate it Ronnie, It is a comic I am working on.
  5. I got the pen tool working. Now to figure out how to add color!
  6. I just got Affinity and Iike it so far. The brush is giving me trouble. I want to get a natural thick to thin line with the brush tool and my wacom tablet but the thickness varies wildley and it is frustrating. Also the variable width for the pen tool in Affinity is lacking or I don't know how to use it properly? I can use the pen tool to make my line but when I go to the pressure setting the node on both ends move when I need just one end node to move and taper to the thin line and the other end to reamain thick. Any one else have these problems and maybe solutions?
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