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  1. Tulpaloose

    Introduce Yourself

    Thank you!
  2. Tulpaloose

    iMac Pro Benchmarks

    Please update your findings, if the iMac Pro computers you ordered were delivered. Currently researching a computer that would be an upgrade to my MacBook Pro and iMac. Advice please on whether the 2017 iMac 27" would suffice with Affinity - or if I should move up to iMac Pro. And recommended specs would be appreciated. ( I shoot with a Nikon D810 and my current computers can't handle the files)
  3. Tulpaloose

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Deborah, a Canadian photo-essayist moving more into creative photography after decades in news journalism. I am posting a question here because I can't see another section that applies. (If this is not appropriate please tell me where to ask this.) If the hardware specs for best machine to use Affinity are posted somewhere, I've missed them. Please advise: am looking to buy a new computer. I'm a relative newbie to photo editing. Having exceeded the range of three Apple machines for editing needs, I'm upgrading and need advice on the best new desktop - willing to spend some money to have a machine I can grow with. Am a long time news reporter and photographer on the side, moving into more creative photography. Am considering new iMac, iMac Pro, or even the Pro (? no new release for years)- but being only partly tech savvy am baffled over the best configuration, etc. Using Affinity now for photos shot mostly on a full frame DSLR - but want room to grow including into video editing in future. Thanks in advance. (Have an older MacBook Pro, an older iMac - and a newish Air laptop for mobility; desktop preferred.)
  4. Tulpaloose

    Introduce Yourself

    Please help: where can I find a TEXT (not video based) instruction manual? I purchased Affinity for Mac ages ago and am trying to learn how to use it from scratch, with no experience in digital photo editing beyond basic iPhoto. I'm old school -- started developing my own film and printing in a dark room. I need Affinity for Dummies, starting with the basics. Usually I'm fine with tech -- I build and run web sites -- but I am defeated by Affinity, and the help available from colleagues is aimed at Photoshop/Lightroom users. I find the videos linked from your site are too long and too slow for basic tasks any technical writer could explain in a paragraph. But worst of all, the screens on your tutorial videos do not correspond to the Affinity 1.5 version on screen on my MacBook Pro -- which is, frankly, crazy making. Please consider that not all of your learners are visual/audio oriented. Some of us prefer to learn via text. I'm willing to put in time -- which is scarce in my life -- to learn Affinity before abandoning you, but not the hours required to listen to your long lectures on video that do not correspond to my software.

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