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  1. Would be nice to know. Theses days I am looking for a good DTP program for layouting my theses, that I want to rework now. But if its true, that the beta will be available Q1 2016, than I will wait with this, so that I can use AP for this and not this unstable programs you can buy these days...
  2. Oh, sehr nett. Vielen Dank für die Mühe! Ich werde mir die Filme mal ansehen. :)
  3. Thanks for you're quick respond! Nice to read, this. I am indeed using the full version of AD from the the Marketplace. Is there a posibility to upgrade it to Beta or do I have to reinstall it completely? Today I got an upgrade for "AP Beta" and realized, that it is now in german language - NICE :D So I hope, that I also could get the AD also in german language in future...or in the Beta version...?... :)... I really like you're Programms - much much more, than this lousy expansive Adobe crap :rolleyes: ...AP is also so much better than Pixelmator. I am curious about the Publishing Programm, when it arrives. SY horgelym
  4. Hello everyone! I have an odd problem with an old Photoshop (CS3) document, that was created long time ago for a website, integrated with much slices. First thing is, I can not open it with "AD", that I bought, when it came out (I really love this Software!!). Now, I am testing "AP Beta", that is by the way really nice to use. I can open this old document, everything looks nice, but not the existing slices. Now my questions: 1. Why isn´t it possible to open the Photoshop document CS3 in "AD" - because of existing slices...? 2. Do I have to recreate all slices in "AP Beta" again or is it possible to also integrate/import already existing slices from this document? SY Horgelym * AD = Affinity Designer *AP = Affinity Photo Beta
  5. horgelym


    Wow, this (german language support) sounds nice! Thanks a lot. Do you also plan to support this inside Affinity Photo and later other software that will follow? The latter one looks absolutely fine and could be in combination with the Designer the grave for Adobe products - in my opinion :-)

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