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  1. Telling the users why it is best that they do not use inches, is not good customer support. There should be a way to set the default to inches, regardless of what you recommend. Please fix this. A large number of your customers use inches. Don't tell them that you do not allow the default settings, because you discourage it. Listen to the userbase and add the feature. Thanks... Mark
  2. Hello All, We were tasked with designing a large 4x8 business sign. The print company was asking for an AI, EPS, SVG or PDF for printing. STILL, Affinity Designer cannot export to AI. (shame on you) So, we exported the other formats. Unfortunately, all of the exports contained different anomalies depending on the export method. How in the heck can Serif expect to compete with Adobe and Corel, if their software is not compatible with those products, and exporting other formats is so bad? We really like using the Affinity software, and own all three products. However, you need to greatly improve your compatibility and export engine. This should be your priority, instead of nonsensical features.
  3. Hello All, We use both Affinity Designer and Corel Draw X8. On occasion, we need to create fonts, and need to export them to TTF or other formats. Is there a workflow in Designer to create/modify and export true type fonts (or other fonts)? Corel Draw contains bugs that they have never bothered to fix in their font "features". If Affinity has similar font features, this may cause us to drop Corel Draw altogether. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks... Mark
  4. Hello, We attempted to open 14 Nikon RAW files (NEF) from the Affinity Photo menu "file/open", and selected the 17 files. The memory usage of the application shot up to 13.7 Gigabytes of RAM I have attached a screenshot (dual monitors) for your review. We are running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 with SP1 on an i7 CPU with 16GB of RAM. Please advise... Mark
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