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    Listen to the users... please

    I just tried that option and it does not what I expect. I would have expected that the layer stays as it is and gets a mask layer added that consists of a BW version of the main layers original content. What happens here when I click Rasterize to Mask is that my layer gets converted into something called mask. Maybe what I am looking for would be "Add Mask from BW Information" and it should also be in the RMB menu of the layers stack.
  2. Thenamemikeisalreadytaken

    AP Win - Bug - Mask to Below

    today also I stumbled over this problem. In my case I use Affinity Photo for post processing my renderings out of a 3D software. There we often get renderings with antialiasing and the alpha seems different. At least I get a better result when I use the black and white information for masking instead of the alpha on a rendering. This is especially obvious when adding an Ambient Occlusion layer on only parts of the image. If I use the alpha as a mask I get an ugly rim in my picture. I am glad that I bought Affinity Photo but also find many workflows within AP unnecessarily complicated. In this specific case also because I have not yet found an easy way to invert a mask or how to past other black and white information into an existing mask.
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    right click to select more

    thanks for the help and now you´ve got the first big wish on my wish list. ;)
  4. Thenamemikeisalreadytaken

    right click to select more

    I make a marquee selection, then place my stylus, the push the RMB and move to make a selection, which I see additionally to my already selection. But when I release the stylus all that´s left is my new selection. Not a combination of both selections. It also feels very weird working like that. Is it possibly to map my own shortcuts to include some Ctrl+Shift combinations?
  5. Thenamemikeisalreadytaken

    right click to select more

    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. It seems that to add to a selection (flood, marquee) one must use the Drag+RightButton. When I use the RMB nothing happens. Nothing gets added to the selection. Since all the Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys are already in use I would be happy with Ctrl+Shift or similar combination.
  6. Thenamemikeisalreadytaken

    right click to select more

    first of all it does not work with a wacom tablet and therefore making it useless. Secondly, who came ever on that idea to use the RMB (right mouse button) for such a function? It is very annoying. Why not use keyboard shortcuts that have already been established as functional? Now I am going back to Gimp to get my work done.