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  1. @jerThats too funny!!! And the best part is I literally have that as a tattoo so now when I show people, I'll say its a tiger!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
  2. Ive been working on a sketch for a design I want to eventually turn into tee shirts, large flags, etc... so my final image needs to be able to resize to med/large size and I dont want any warping which leads me to my question, What would be the optimal settings for a new document that needs to be scaled? Does the document size matter? I'd like to know before I start to transfer my sketch over to AD. After searching my AD workbook for answers, the only info on this topic I find helpful is the "Lace Frame Galleries 1" project where they save the logo as a SVG file to allow multiple platforms and scaling, but there's very little info about pre-settings to any of the projects. The book basically just tells you what new doc settings to use for their projects but doesn't elaborate on why they set those.
  3. Thank you all, I know I got lots to learn yet and you've all been extremely helpful. I may have gotten a little ahead of myself skipping some lessons here n there going straight to the star field, i'm just really excited about a special project I'm trying to do and the starry night sky is a major part so I'm excited to tackle it, and didnt really know how to even start so, again, thank you all. I'll be sure to go back and learn the fundamentals now that I know what to look for. :)
  4. Also note that if I was just lazy I would have just taken a picture off the internet to use for stars but I'm here to learn how to do it myself.
  5. Thanks, but I just want to clarify that I don't use tutorials to copy, i use them to learn so I can make my own designs. I take parts and pieces from them to help me with a specific goal I try to accomplish on my own work so don't think I just want someone here to do all the work so i can copy. I wasn't clear when watching the PS tutorials and that's why I'm here. They used some sort of noise settings and all kinds of adjustments I have no idea what they are or do, so as a beginner who doesn't know this stuff, I need help... and also the whole reason I'd like a tutorial is so that I can understand what it is that's being done, not just an instructional step by step, but an explanation. Here is one of the vids: https://youtu.be/czhJfC1SuU0
  6. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer and Photo and been learning a lot from all the tutorials which are great, however, I can't find anything on how to create a starry night sky from scratch. I browsed Youtube and found how to do it with Photoshop but they use all the PS shortcuts and UI so I have no idea how to do it with Affinity or if its even possible. Can someone share some knowledge about this? My goal is to make a starry night sky with colorful gas clouds.