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  1. @Alfred I believe I got the nodes deleted on the "A." I've been trying to do the same thing on the "E" but haven't had as much luck. Frustrating! What would be the best way to do it on the "E"?
  2. Hello, I've been playing with a some lettering and working on a new type. For example, I've taken the cross-dash in the "A" and moved the nodes to the bottom to make it look like an upside down "V". (It also happens on my "E") However, when I go to print, there's a very small line still at the bottom and I'd like very much to get rid of it. Every time I try to mess with the nodes now, the letter ends up out of whack. What's the best way to go about doing this? Thank you!
  3. Hello, Curious to know what the best (re: easiest) way to create a newspaper-style BIG lead letter that covers a couple lines of text? Very open to tutorials. Many thanks!
  4. Trying to mask part of the text to put machines in front, so there's the illusion that the text is behind the machines. But the mask on "CB" is completely removing the text without giving me the ability to use the erase tool.
  5. Howdy friends, I've run into a bit of an issue and I'm hoping (praying) somebody can help me figure this out... I've attempted to use the mask layer on text to bring out part of the background picture. I've succeeded in doing this on (2) pictures, but on the third, I must've hit something -- fat thumbs -- as the mask is just erasing my text. Even when I delete the text, start over, and try to mask layer, it vanishes. When I copy/paste other text/mask layers from previous pictures, it still vanishes. When I try to do this on a completely different artboard, it vanishes. I'm horribly confused by this and have tried to fix it for the past 45 min. with no such luck. Please help?!
  6. Full disclosure: if Affinity had a talent draft (a la NFL/NBA), I'd be an undrafted free agent who's only chance at the league would be watching... from the locker room of the Turkmenistan Div. 3 league who gave me a shot as a rookie. Dumb analogies aside.... How do I delete bits and sections of a rectangle's/shape's stroke (to fit in text/pic)? The rectangle has no fill, only 1.5 pt. white stroke. Can't find a tutorial but I've tried putting another shape there, then clicking both shapes and using the subtract button but it still applies the stroke and now creates an irregular shape. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. Yeah, my shape is TOTALLY better, but you're a beautiful human being for providing the video. Much appreciated!
  8. This may be the dumbest question you answer all day/year/century, but I'm new to Affinity -- and, really, the whole photoshop/design world. Without further ado, here it is: Is a hot dog a sandwich? In Affinity Designer, how do I place a picture into a (badass) shape I've created? Any help is much appreciated!
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