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  1. A Thumbnails overview (e.g. thumbnails panel) additional to the tabs or included in the tabs would be very nice to switch between all open files! Also a possibility to rename the tabs without saving the file to get a tab name.

    A function to arrange all windows ( e.g. of 14 open images) would be also good. Like Arrange windows (images) side by side, stacked. The actual windows function is not satisfying and not a real help to work with many open files (for Documentations etc.).

    Thanks a lot and keep on going with your good work!


  2. AF Photo

    1. Doesn´t show all open files
    If I open more than 10 files, the menu item "WINDOWS" shows a list of open files - but it shows always just max. 10 files.
    The tabs also don´t show all files with a color to recognize the actual file tab. The tabs don´t shrink automatically in width to show all open files. The double arrow icon right of the tabs opens the list of all open files - but NOT in the same order like in the menu item WINDOW! (e.g. file no. 2 is listed on the 10th position in the tab file list). And no option to rename open file tabs, I just get a tab name by saving the file.
    The only solution is to use CTRL+TAB to click through the files to find the right one.

    2. The Macro function doesn´t include all commands like "copy reduced" I use a lot to copy images into a text document.


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