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  1. 6 hours ago, R C-R said:


    I realize that illustrating the hand-drawn sketch needs a re-thinking on my side. Thanks for your explanation. It's helping me. 

    3 hours ago, gdenby said:

    Hi, Cloonix,

    I came at it in a slightly different way.  I took a base shape, duplicated it a couple of times, and applied color gradients and transparency fades. It is a bit fussier than one might like to do.


    Thanks. I have to try that too. It looks promising and doesn't need so much positioning of extra shapes (i guess). 

  2. Hello Affinity users,

    I'm new to designing and i despair on a (i suppose) simple task. I try to create a graffiti and have issues with overlapping letters/shapes with shadows. I need a small hint how "one" would do that. I attached a sample which should show my problem.

    Left is a hand-drawn sketch what i try to achieve: A letter "D" with an arrow which drops its shadow to the rest of the shape with a gradation from light blue to dark blue. 

    Thanks a lot for your help!