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  1. I have purchased both Photo and Designer through the Apple Store, and the 1.81 update refuses to download no matter how often I have tried. How can I use the downloads from Affinity directly if I have no product key? The apple store is supposed to manage licensing, is there no way to update the software from affinity if purchased through apple? My desktop Designer now won't open files from my iPad because of the lack of update provided by Affinity. Update: looks like the Apple Store was messed up, the updates finally were available after a few hours.
  2. After searching keyword "airdrop" on this forum and finding nothing, I'll report that on iOS 13 airdrop consistently fails to work from Mac to iPad when sending .afdesign files. Mac is using OS X 10.12. Airdrop works well in every other respect with other apps. Airdrop alert sounds on iPad however nothing shows up, not even a dialog offering to save to Files. No file can be discovered in the Files app. The Mac reports that the file was sent, so the Mac behaves normally on its end. Airdrop works fine going in the other direction. The same issue happens with Affinity Photo as well. The files that fail to send do have proper suffixes, like ".afdesign." Workaround is to zip the file, airdrop to iPad, unzip there in your app of choice, then locate the file in Files app to open, from within Designer.
  3. While my demands may be esoteric, here's a few small things (at least they seem small to me) •a minimum/maximum filter, sometimes called erode/dilate, to fatten or shrink selections •as many keyboard modifiers as possible; for example in PS you can cmd-option drag on a selection with a lasso tool to clone it as a floating selection, or you can ctrl-shift click with the brush tool to bring up a menu to change blending modes of the brush or edit the brush; all this saves trips to the menu bar or the palettes •this is more difficult I imagine, but more robust content-aware fill •I might have missed it, but essential is the Photoshop ctrl-click popup menu with the move tool, that lets you select which layer is active even though there may be several beneath the mouse location while I've only been exploring a day or two, the Assistant Manager might have promise to rival the Actions palette in Photoshop
  4. Compare the brush palette views between Photoshop and AP I'd love to have a more compact view to allow many brushes in a smaller space, just eliminate the stroke preview, thanks
  5. Thanks... AP is so close to a full substitute for photoshop, I can't wait!
  6. Using a (new) mid-2015 MacBook Pro on macOS 10.12.3, and a Cintiq 13HD; have tried both Wacom drivers 6.3.15-3 and 6.3.18-4. More recent drivers create a nasty sticky key problem or mess up smooth strokes with the pen stylus. The least troublesome drivers are the two mentioned. This may be a issue mainly between Wacom and Apple which they must address. However, I thought you might want to know it affects application software like Affinity Photo. I've been longing for a reasonable alternative to overpriced Adobe Photoshop, and AP is nearly there except for a few missing parts. For example you cannot display brushes in the brush menu as small square thumbnails without a stroke. I cannot find a way to shrink the brush preview but perhaps I'm missing something. You can see AP brush menu here alongside Photoshop's menu. I would like to fit about 30 brushes in the space AP provides, but cannot. At any rate, the real roadblock is this brush glitch where the initial stroke often turns into a short line segment. This will make painting and sketching very problematic. For comparison, you can see similar normal strokes in Photoshop CS6. I chose circles because it shows up better in such strokes. Also, using the Wacom drivers on macOS Sierra seems to create, as well, a nasty sticky keys problem in both AP and Photoshop. What happens is when you hold down, say, the spacebar to access the pan tool, when you let go the computer still thinks the key is depressed. You have to tap the key several times to force the machine to return to normal behavior. There are several threads on the internet discussing problems between Wacom drivers and macOS, and no one has found a good solution. I was hoping some of the sticky key problems were a triple combination of Photoshop, Wacom and macOS that I could avoid by using Affinity, however the problem seems to exist in AP as well.
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