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  1. Thanks for the helpful reply. But it leads on to other questions which are. Why is one sky more appropriate that another? And I have done the selection several time now all with the same outcome so any idea as to what I am doing wrong? Regards Dave
  2. Hi all I have a picture taken in a town where the sky has blown. I have selected this blown sky, cut it out and pasted a blue sky behind the layer so it shows through the cut out section. My problem is there is a white line around the edge of the cut out layer which I am unable to remove. I have tried using the refine selection tools to no avail. Can any one help please. Regards Dave Fire_juggler_on_unicyle_with_line.afphoto
  3. Metal Shaper

    Copy selection

    Thank you, I new it would be something simple I was or wasn't doing. So simple you are the only one to mention the move tool. And thank you. I have used two pictures oh the same size and resolution and got it to work. And thanks to all who chipped in with advice. Regards Dave
  4. Metal Shaper

    Copy selection

    h I have followed the instructions and video as detailed above in Stokerg's post. By full layer I mean it is not a in a distinct box with resizing handles as in the video above. I take your point about the different resolutions and will have a go tomorrow making sure all things are equal.
  5. Metal Shaper

    Copy selection

    I have followed the instructions and watched the video and I can't get it right. When I past the copied selection into a second picture the copied image does not arrive in a nice neat box with resizing and moving handles as it does in to video but as a full layer expanded to cover a third of the area of the second picture. Rasterising the layer has no effect.
  6. Metal Shaper

    Copy and Paste

    Hi Dave, Alternatively you can also drag the object(s) over the target object layer (not over its thumbnail but over the area on the right) in the Layers panel. Sorry should have said this bit before posting, but I am rally lost with this bit of advice.
  7. Metal Shaper

    Copy and Paste

    Hi Thanks for this. I am probably being a bit thick here but I can’t make anything happen. Here is what I am doing. 1) Marque tool drag out an ellipse. 2) Edit>Copy, I know that this has now copied the contents of the marquee to the clip board because if I open a new document with the command “New from clipboard” the new document is the contents of the marquee. 3) I then move the marquee to its new position. 4) Click Edit>Paste inside. And nothing happens. I cannot see how to select the marquee in its new position. I have tried “Selection from layer”, “Edit selection from layer” and “Invert pixel selection” and as I say nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  8. In photplus you can draw a shape, freehand or predetermined, circles etc, copy the contents of the shape then move the shape to a different part of the picture and "paste into selection". Is it possible to do this in Photo affinity? Regards Dave
  9. You can use the select tab then tonal range "Highlights, Mid tones or Shadows" or you can use the selection brush from the tools side bar.
  10. Hi all I have just followed the tutorial on sharpening and found it very helpful. Could someone explain the use of the small white disk with the red line through it on the colours tab or point me to a tutorial? I have just experimented with using the black and white layer adjustment and then using the paintbrush to remove part of the layer allowing the pixel background to show through and found that I needed to first click on the small white dot with the red diagonal line to make the red diagonal line appear in the larger white disk. Is this all the red line does?

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