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  1. Yup. That's what I was referring to. However, at the end of the day, I can live with this small inconvenience - and at least I know where that inconvenience is. Best regards
  2. Perhaps an application parameter could be implemented?
  3. Agree... perhaps these are bogus identifiers, but should be obvious. I've "unseen" this now. Best
  4. Further to my previous thread - fails on an NVIDIA GTX760 w/4gb if h/w acceleration enabled.
  5. Thanks so, so much Walt! This is the solution to the problem. You are a star! Affinity: Please default OpenCL acceleration to NO on install. (and I am absolutely sure this will be addressed because Affinity do listen)
  6. Same here... same happens with APhoto beta .834 too. Edit: Finally managed to remove all registry entries and reinstall 820! Phew!
  7. That's great! Works a treat. Thank you. I think, as I was the OP, I only had access to that function (undocumented feature). Thanks to all for invaluable assistance here. Wish y'all the very, very best "Divide & Conquer".. (play on solution to this subject ☺️)
  8. Purely subjective Bruce, purely subjective. 😊 I'll take your advice under consideration. πŸ‘ Now just to figure how to change the subject line to "[Solved]" Best
  9. Hi. I have a question that I can't seem to figure out: New landscape A4. Type the letter "O" ("OH")., say 450pt. Convert to curves. Remove fill and make stroke black, say 1pt. Select node tool and you get 2 node outlines, an inner and outer circle (ellipses) I want to remove the inner ellipse... easily. How can I access each ellipse separately? I can manipulate the inner ellipse nodes, but there has to be a simpler way. Many thanks Using AD and beta.
  10. Why does this always apprear, regardless of having previously accepted?
  11. No worries... I've experienced incomplete uninstalls before with Affinity, but managed to get the leftover stuff removed - not always a quick procedure. I think my issue stemmed from having 2 sets of betas (same product) but they were installed in separate locations (the betas that is) so with the release version there were 3 sets of the same product in different versions; uninstalling the betas confused the release version. But I am now on an even keel and sailing smoothly. Cheers.
  12. Many thanks Thomas. Once I uninstalled all apps then reinstalled (serials required), it all worked. Strange that. I would have expected the betas to be separate from the release versions. My other apps seem to not have this type of issue. All good now. Bestest.
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