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  1. Designer? This is a Publisher thread.
  2. Okay... a little more to go on. Yes, AD284 does indeed freeze when placing a .afdesign file... BUT... Place works okay on .jpg and .png file. So, I suppose, Export .jpg/.png and then Place?? APub283 does not freeze on Place .afdesign file.
  3. I'm not sure when this happened, whether it was .238 or.249, but on one of those installations the previously imported assets (GradeUI being one), the assets have disappeared. I've had to re-import them. Question: on installing a new version (beta in this case) do the previously imported assets get removed? Seems same issue for imported palettes.
  4. Awesome! Thank you so much! I luv it when a plan comes together. Very best
  5. Many thanks Sean. I can confirm this has been fixed in .240 beta. Best regards Hugh
  6. Fix sorted now in 238
  7. Sorry about this, I posted this error in the Publisher section but refers to Designer. Seems a previous Publisher error is now occurring in Designer? https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/77280-help-error-in-beta-221/ I trust this meets with moderators understanding. Regards Hugh edit - spelling
  8. Panchdara

    Help Error in Beta 221

    I am pleased to announce that this script error has again reared it's ugly head in beta 231 EDIT: Ooooops, this error is occurring with ADESIGNER beta 231 - not Publisher - Publisher is fine. AffScError.wmv
  9. Yeah, seems to only be an issue on multi-page docs and only happens on pages n ( where n > 1). It's also be nice if the Guides Manager could specify which page the guides being displayed are on. Now, sorta got it. On pages n (n > 1) drag out your guide. If it does not show it will be on page 1, if it shows then fine. Seems every other one works and the other one goes on page 1. So, guides go in this order, Page n, Page 1, Page n, Page 1 etc. Perhaps use page 1 as a sacrificial guides page? Master pages are cumulative but seem to work okay.
  10. Fix not not mentioned again in 227.
  11. So I refer to the announcement of 221... this is still an issue with multiple pages. Easy to recreate - create new document with 2 pages (or if you prefer n pages where n > 1). Guidelines on page 1 work just fine. However, on pages n (n > 1) these guidelines are flaky, sometimey, unpredictable. As Michail shows above. Oh well, that's why is a beta.
  12. Guidelines still not functioning correctly. This bug seems restricted to multiple page docs.
  13. Yup, very strange behaviors with guides. Seems, repeat seems, to be somehow affected with multiple pages. It looked alright (initially) with a single page, but when using guides on pages 2-> then weird behavior where the guides sometimes show and sometimes don't. I even had it where the guides manager showed guides from another page. Reproduce by creating a 2 page doc. Add guides on page 1 then play with guides on page 2... sometimey. Win 10, AP beta 206, beta 221 OS Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS Version: 10.0.17134 N/A Build 17134