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  1. No worries... I've experienced incomplete uninstalls before with Affinity, but managed to get the leftover stuff removed - not always a quick procedure. I think my issue stemmed from having 2 sets of betas (same product) but they were installed in separate locations (the betas that is) so with the release version there were 3 sets of the same product in different versions; uninstalling the betas confused the release version. But I am now on an even keel and sailing smoothly. Cheers.
  2. Many thanks Thomas. Once I uninstalled all apps then reinstalled (serials required), it all worked. Strange that. I would have expected the betas to be separate from the release versions. My other apps seem to not have this type of issue. All good now. Bestest.
  3. So, I installed the latest and greatest versions of Designer, Photo and Publisher.... I then uninstalled ALL beta versions.... Publisher does NOT respond to Studiolink to open Designer??!! Do I need to uninstall everything then is there any particular order to reinstall - removing beta versions messes things up.
  4. Panchdara

    [Duplicate] Beta update failed

    Works fine here beta on all new betas as of now
  5. Panchdara

    Script Error in Help on Beta

    Yup... same here with However there are no issues with
  6. Panchdara

    Use AD Beta wth AP Release

    Thanks, never seen that stated anywhere - I will accept that, but it is AD .404 RC2. Thanks for your answer.
  7. How to use Designer Beta (404) with the newly released Publisher? - This is without the release Designer being installed.
  8. Hi Seabird... I tried this and it works just fine. I tried in all personas as well as in both dark/light themes.
  9. Designer? This is a Publisher thread.
  10. Okay... a little more to go on. Yes, AD284 does indeed freeze when placing a .afdesign file... BUT... Place works okay on .jpg and .png file. So, I suppose, Export .jpg/.png and then Place?? APub283 does not freeze on Place .afdesign file.
  11. I'm not sure when this happened, whether it was .238 or.249, but on one of those installations the previously imported assets (GradeUI being one), the assets have disappeared. I've had to re-import them. Question: on installing a new version (beta in this case) do the previously imported assets get removed? Seems same issue for imported palettes.
  12. Awesome! Thank you so much! I luv it when a plan comes together. Very best
  13. Many thanks Sean. I can confirm this has been fixed in .240 beta. Best regards Hugh
  14. Panchdara

    Guides not showing up

    Fix sorted now in 238