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  1. Why does this always apprear, regardless of having previously accepted?
  2. No worries... I've experienced incomplete uninstalls before with Affinity, but managed to get the leftover stuff removed - not always a quick procedure. I think my issue stemmed from having 2 sets of betas (same product) but they were installed in separate locations (the betas that is) so with the release version there were 3 sets of the same product in different versions; uninstalling the betas confused the release version. But I am now on an even keel and sailing smoothly. Cheers.
  3. Many thanks Thomas. Once I uninstalled all apps then reinstalled (serials required), it all worked. Strange that. I would have expected the betas to be separate from the release versions. My other apps seem to not have this type of issue. All good now. Bestest.
  4. So, I installed the latest and greatest versions of Designer, Photo and Publisher.... I then uninstalled ALL beta versions.... Publisher does NOT respond to Studiolink to open Designer??!! Do I need to uninstall everything then is there any particular order to reinstall - removing beta versions messes things up.
  5. Okay... a little more to go on. Yes, AD284 does indeed freeze when placing a .afdesign file... BUT... Place works okay on .jpg and .png file. So, I suppose, Export .jpg/.png and then Place?? APub283 does not freeze on Place .afdesign file.
  6. Working now in Beta - well done dev team.
  7. Hmmm... works fine here. Win10, AD
  8. Hi. Not sure if a bug, but certainly not what I would expect. Got, say, 3 guidelines. I select the first (by clicking to the right of location) and the guide is highlighted. I then click in the 3rd guide to change location but decide to click the trash icon. The first guide is deleted even though my focus is on the 3rd guide. Makes sense? See attached. Guide at 3in is deleted even though focus was on 5in guide. Video_2018-03-06_075732.wmv
  9. No need to shout. SImples what you seem to want. Start Affinity and when prompted for NEW document you then set the settings (inches, papersize (letter/A4 ..), orientation (portrait/landscape) .. etc) When you next start Affinity and open NEW document, you will have same settings as you set on previous document.
  10. Would be nice to be able to change guide properties via right clicking on guide and setting the properties. Also, be nice to be able to lock guides. Perhaps have a separate guides layer?
  11. Well, I had a look at this and you seem to be quite correct. When you select a brush (pressured) it is just a fat line. Then I went into the pressure setting and pulled the nodes down on the graph and that had the effect you seem to have demonstrated. So, it's definitely not intuitive, perhaps it's a bug? Best
  12. Many thanks MEB... I am now officially an Affinity Designer user. Well pleased indeed. Best
  13. Hi MEB. I am new here and am playing with the trial of AD I had the same question as Zerror. However can I take it a step further. If I purchase version 1.x then I know I can get updates to version 1.x+n but will need to pay for version 2.y. Is there an upgrade path for users of version 1.x to version 2.y or is it a completely new purchase? Many thanks and I look forward to being a user of AD. PS... my questions arise from my direct use of XARA where their new "subscription" based licensing is like "putting lipstick on a pig". (to quote BO)
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