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  1. Affinity Photo running on Windows 10 I was exporting a photo from the photo persona with settings I had used many times previously, and discovered that selecting "More..." led to an option "Manage Presets." After I named a new preset and tried to save it, I got the following error message and the program crashed. When I went back later, I saw that the preset had, indeed, been saved before the crash... By the way, I didn't see a "Crash Reporter" either. Thanks for all your hard work on these programs!
  2. I began a new file with a blank artboard that had no grid lines. Next, I created a second artboard, used the Grid and Axis Manager to set up the grid I needed, and added some lines to that artboard. My next step was to create a copy of the second artboard, which appeared correctly with the grid I had established and the lines I had drawn. I renamed the second and third arboards, and then decided that I wasn't going to use the first artboard, which was still blank and without grid lines. When I deleted that first artboard, a grid suddenly appeared over both of the remaining artboards AND the entire workspace, and this universal grid did NOT have the properties I had set earlier - those were entirely lost. I had to go back and set up the grid properties all over again. Am I correct that this was a bug, or is this an expected outcome for some reason that I'm not aware of yet? Thank you for your work - I have used and loved your software for many years! Affinity Designer v. on Windows 10 Home

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