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  1. I would like a pen tool feature where once i draw a point I can press a button on my keyboard. Then a dialog box pops up and I can enter the Rotation (in degrees) and length to where the next point will be drawn. Once i press enter or next point button i can continue to the next point and start again. I would use a tool like this almost daily to position components. It will always be useful for anyone who does pattern design and/or CNC Vector based design. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If an idea like this could be implemented it could also be used as a foundation to write macro's to draw/record commonly used shapes, with variables such as; layout work Laser cut joins to specified length Whole products to a personalized specification. Cardboard Boxes for packaging companies. --------------------------------------- Idea came from this; https://www.festi.info/boxes.py/ https://github.com/florianfesti/boxes
  2. A Pie Menu with full customization and 'profiles'.. like below but with affinity tool-set obviously. I can see this being extremely useful when tabbing into full screen mode. why full customization; no one works in the same way. This way everyone is pleased. i would also include things like, alt-tab, expose, windows media controls... ...who wants to stop drawing when listening to a bad song :P sub menus.
  3. Edit - Paste From File opens up a menu allowing you to paste from a file. (I'm not sure if this is a windows 10 bug or not but when i drag an image from my browser (chrome) it pastes the file location not the image)
  4. TheMightyFozz

    Save Workspace

    Blender 3D has perfected this! its basically a drop down menu with a couple of buttons. INVALUABLE.
  5. Please add and update menu item. Help-Update. I would personally like a text box to appear with the download location. a bit like below. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update |x| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A new version is available. It will be downloaded to; C:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Designer\Update\1.5.5\affinity-designer-1.5.5.exe You will be notified when the download is complete. your files will be saved automatically. Progress; 90% [Download] [Change Location] [View Changes] [forum] [Cancel] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update |x| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- your files will be saved automatically. Click OK to exit Affinity Designer and begin installing affinity-designer-1.5.5.exe [OK] [Create New Save] [Cancel] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alternatively ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update |x| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no update at this time; Next update in roughly 34 days! yay :) [View build log] [Report An Issue] [View Changes] [forum] [Cancel] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This way it should be easy to see problems with the software and anyone interested in development has all the links available. I also like the numbering system in folders so if i need to uninstall and back track I can. --------------------------- --------------------------- another way could be having a tool box displaying similar info. i would put it next to 'Transform, history, navigator'. I would also include an email support button that automatically includes system specs, error logs and build number. (if your worried about people spamming the button add a captcha.) also a search bar that automatically opens up the forums search facility in the default browser.
  6. TheMightyFozz

    DDS texture export

    Me too. .dds is becoming more popular especially in the gaming industry.
  7. TheMightyFozz

    Crash when pressing 'Delete'

    could be related to this topic. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35187-crash-on-resize-15154/
  8. boot up windows 10 open affinity designer Create a rectangle. Click fill Change type to bitmap. choose image use the onscreen scaling tools Accidentally press delete Affinity designer crashes. ================================== Can anyone else recreate this?!
  9. TheMightyFozz

    Styles with patterns

    ahh thanks gdenby. i was looking in the swatches panel not at the top of the workspace/artboard. Note to anyone reading this; gdenby's guide works on windows.
  10. Ive seen and downloaded styles for designer.. ..how do i create one with a texture in it on windows 10
  11. TheMightyFozz

    Sharing is caring.

    After researching into the cost of upgrading my adobe suite I realised there pricing polacy was extreamly unfair and over priced in the UK.. ..since then i have had the pleasure to use alternatives such as Krita and the AMAZING Affinity Designer. I have never shared my brushes before mainly because they make me money, but as a backlash to adobe's ridiculous pricing I've changed my attitude. It's the artist that creates the art not the software! I'll upload the actual brushes as soon as i figure out how to upload the .afbrushes file.
  12. TheMightyFozz

    Can't upload Brushes

    I'm trying to upload a brush to the forum. Apparently the in built upload code wont allow me to! seems strange as you actively encourage sharing?! what are my options?!