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  1. 17 minutes ago, MEB said:

    Hi trommlertom,

    Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

    Don't select New layer with mask in the Refine Selection dialog. Duplicate the original layer instead and for the Refine Selection output select Mask only.

    The dev team is already aware of it. This issue is logged to be looked at.


    HI MEB,
    Ok, it is a software problem - I understand.
    So I will use your suggested workaround instead.

    Thanks for your feedback.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. 27 minutes ago, firstdefence said:

    Take a look at this video: masking with a complex photo

    Masking is a patience game, especially with hair. For fine hair its better to remove it and add in fly away hair with a fine brush because in most cases the hair is just too fine to retain a realistic look. learning the tools needed to move about and zoom will help and if you have a scroll button on your mouse you can set it to be used as zoom in Preferences (Ctrl+,) in the Tools Pane.

    Editing the mask layer by painting either black or white is also a useful tool in getting a clean mask, switching between black and white is as easy as pressing X Make sure the colours are set to black and white first, black removes, white reveals. To get straight lines click in one place then move the cursor and click again while holding down the shift key.



    Thanks for your feedback. Actually this was not my question.
    I did the masking exactly like it is described in the Video.


    My problem is something different:

    first picture:

    -          Mask is done – everything is ok!


    Second picture (PROBLEM):

    -          Once I disable the mask or try to edit the mask (with brushes Black or white), affinity phote creates ugly artefacts. Something like a echo on the colors (see picture close to the heads)


    From my point of view:

    If I disable the mask I would have to see the original picture without any changes (third picture).

    But this is not the case.

    I hope this will clarify the problem.



  3. Hi there,

    I do have a problem with masking. Samples see attached:

    What is the problem?

    I have a pic. (original.jpg) and I've done a selection with the selection brush.

    After this is I did "refine edges" to fine tune the selection.
    After this I safed it as a new layer with mask.

    The result was ok (see: with mask.jpg).

    Once I disable the mask or I edit the mask I get horrible artefacts (see: mask disabled.jpg)...


    What is the problem? What is my thinking mistake?


    Thanks for your input and help....



    with mask.jpg

    mask disabled.jpg


  4. Hi Thomas,


    It looks like WordPress may be compressing the image during the upload if it views fine before uploading. I advise checking your WordPress settings.




    Hi Callum,

    Thanks for coming back.


    I will check this.

    But Sorry to say, I am wondering whether this is really the problem.


    1) I don't have any problems with Wordpress when I use other software like Photoshop or Gimp

    2) I do have the same issues when I upload the pics to Facebook

    3) hlarledge (see above) reports the same issue.


    So from my point of view it has to do with affinity photo.


    Did you check the case on Windows or Mac?

    Maybe it has to do with different OS envirements?


    Have you checked this issue in regards to Color prile settings?


    Thanks for your time!


    I really hope to fix this.


    I love Affinity but it would be great if I can rely on it...


    Best Thomas

  5. Hi Trommlertom,


    How did the image look on your computer before you uploaded it to WordPress?







    Hi Callum,

    thanks for coming back...


    When I download your picture and check it with Windows Picture viewer it is ok.

    When I use this picture in Wordpress I get those ugly artefacts.

    So nothing has changed.




    What to do?

    Could it be an issue with the color profile?





    Also I get th

  6. If you want the person to look as if he is farther into the background, since it is slightly blurred & a bit obscured by smoke, have you tried using a small amount of blur on his layer, a bit of Perlin noise to simulate smoke, & maybe a live lighting effect?


    Attached is a very crude example of what I mean, using your second jpg image as a starting point. I used a very small amount of Gaussian blur with protect alpha enabled to prevent the blur from bleeding beyond the person. I duplicated that layer & applied the Perlin Noise filter to it, & then reduced the layer opacity to simulate a little smokiness. The Live Lighting filter at reduced opacity adds a small amount of colored light.


    Not very convincing as is but maybe this will give you some ideas you can use....


    Thanks for your help...

    Best wishes! Thomas

  7. Hi Thomas,


    Affinity Photo has Depth of Field filters from the Filters menu and also as a live filter. It has two different modes to choose from Elliptical and Tilt Shift, elliptical may be the better one to use as you can place the centre on the subjects face but can depend on the image. You may also want to try and adjust the Levels, place a colour overlay which matches the colour in the background.


    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your effort.

    But in fact the Depth of the Field filter sharpens even more. Also I do have a group of people and it would be great if some filter could work with the mask.

  8. hi there,


    does anybody have a tipp how to simulate a depth of focus for one layer?


    I do have two layers.


    1) A Background with a slighlty blur feeling

    2) extracted people in front


    I would like to have the people beeing more embedded into the background.

    currently they stand out as they are more sharp.


    I thought of adding a subtile blur to the edge of the "people" photo to simulate a natural depth of a focus.


    But I don't know how to do it in a easy and natural looking way.



    Or any other idea?






     Bild%201.jpg Bild%202.jpg

  9. I am seeing this same problem in relation to preparing files for 500px and Facebook. Basically, the export quality is always less than Photoshop, Alien Skin Exposure, and other tools I've tested.


    Additionally, I exported as a TIFF with no compression, then opened the file in Photoshop. In Photoshop, I exported to JPG and the same blocky jagged pixelation appeared in the same area of the image as the AP export. So the problem may lie not in the JPG export but somewhere else in Affinity Photo.


    Thanks for your feedback.

    It is a pitty...

    I really like the software very much.

  10. Hi Thomas,


    Please could you try the below jpeg to see if it looks any better on wordpress?




    Hi Callum,


    Thanks for your support,

    unfortunately it is not better...


    Your pic in Wordpress:




    After using your picture in Gimp it looks like this:





    Any other idea?

    I think the problem could be based on Color profile issues.


    When I import pics from affinity into Gimp I get this message:




    Thanks so much for your help.


    Looking forward to receive you next message.




  11. Hi trommlertom,


    Welcome to the Forums :)


    Would it be possible for you to provide the project file for your JPEG so I can look into this issue further for you?







    thanks for getting back.


    Here another example:


    Screenshot from affintiy.





    ICC profile - used by default in affinity.





    Screenshot using this picture online (Facebook or Wordpress)

    --> ugly artefacts






    after converting the jpeg from affinty a second time in gimp it looks online like this:


    --> no artefacts









    affinity jpeg exported from Gimp




    affinity jpeg




    Project file



    Check online:


    (under constuction)


    Looking forward to hear from you.





  12. Hi there,

    I recently started with affinity.


    Now I do have my first problem with that software.


    I have edit a picture in affinity and exported it as a jpeg (best quality).


    Using this picture in Wordpress the quality is very bad.


    see areas on the black T-shirts.





    Then I opened the exported pic in  Gimp and safed it again as a jpg the quality in Wordpress is good.




    Why is that?


    Can anybody please help?