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  1. Are there any news about a possible RSS/Atom feed implementation? I think for the beginning a simple feed listing any new article including it's title (not the content) would be enough.
  2. It took some time but I uploaded all the raw files I had for this image. I hope I did everything correct as I don't own a dropbox-account.
  3. I already subscribed to the blog feed and just added the video feed - thanks for that.
  4. As I read most of my daily information as rss feed I would be interested in knowing if there is a possibility to get new posts and topics as feed. I would especially be interested in the topics from https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/4-news-and-information/ Greetings SmilingJ
  5. I've successfully tried the following: 1. Open a picture (raw or 32bit tif) and apply a mask which leaves only the sky visible 2. Safe the picture as 32bit tif 3. Copy the layer mask As the images were taken using a tripod, the foreground remains always at the same position throughout all the pictures. Thus I can apply the layer mask copied before to each of the images repeating steps one and two. After all sky-tifs are available i can create an new stack from them which leads to a perfectly aligned and noise-reduced sky - the process for the foreground is analog. Now: Is there any possibility for me to automate the process I described before? I think of a way creating one layer-mask and then running a macro that does all the repeating for me.
  6. Hi Affinity-Team, earlier today I posted three new topics, two of which have been approved by now and I already have the answers I needed. However the third post has not been approved by now and I can't find a status of this post anywhere (especially not under 'My Content'). Now I'am uncertain if I shall post the question again or just wait some more for a moderator to approve it. (Or if anything went wrong and the posting has been lost/was not submitted.) The topic was about aligning and stacking starry landscape pictures for noise reduction and the support for that in affinity photo. I hope that my post isn't lost and just needs some more checking. Greetings
  7. Hi Affinity-Team, I am just evaluating your marvelous affinity photo demo for windows and as I used to own three different computers which I use on a regular basis I came to ask myself if I will need to purchase three different licenses if I want to use affinity photo on all of my machines or if it's sufficient to purchase only one. Greetings and thanks for your answer!
  8. Hi Affinity-Team, I have just downloaded the affinity photo demo (for Windows), watched some tutorials and tried a little bit for myself and have some questions. I like to take photos of starry landscapes like the ones I attached to this post. Now to reduce noise I'd like to stack them for which I am currently using a combination of Hugin for alignment and Image Magick to stack them. I let these tools create two stacked images one of the static foreground and one of the aligned background, after that I currently use Gimp to load both images and take only the sky portion of the aligned and stacked image for the final images sky and the stacked image without aligning for the foreground. I tried to convert this complete workflow to affinity photo using the "New stack" function. Unfortunately the program always aligns the images (I use a stack of 32x20 second exposures) using the trees in the foreground which leads to a blurry sky without any stars visible. Is there a way of alternating this behavior? I thought about (and tried) loading the images as stack, ungroup them, applying a layer mask which leaves only the stars visible and then regroup them using 'Arrange > Live Stack Group', however this doesn't (re-)align my images and the result is the same as when loading the images as stack. Is there any possibility for me to support my workflow in affinity photo, or is anything planned for future releases? Greetings and thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Affinity-Team, yesterday I downloaded the affinity photo trial for windows. Overall it seams to fit my purposes very well, however I do have a few questions which I will post in separate topics. This one is about adding/opening images as layer. In Gimp (which I am using up to now), as well as in photoshop, there is a function "open image(s) as layer(s)" which allows me to create an image existing of several layers with each layer created from another file or add a new layer to an existing file which is also created by loading the contents of an arbitrary image file. In affinity photo I saw that I can create a new stack of images to automatically align them. However when I ungroup them this seams to have a similar effect as the desired one, but I saw no possibility to add a new layer from a file to an existing image - have I missed something? Thanks for your answer in advance!
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