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    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    @Michael Andreas: Sorry my mistake during writing and tagging! @curtj: maybe the best solution is to uninstall beta version and install only released version - in your Serif account, You should have a serial number for the released version. I've done this and it works fine!!!
  2. Wally_G

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Congratulations to all Serif team and the Publisher team!!!!! It's Your's feast today!!!! The whole concept is great to combine all the needs of today's graphic designer into this "trinity" with StudioLink as a background!!!! I've downloaded my copy and I'm playing with it - GREAT, GREAT, GREAT WORK. So, to all team and betatesters- Let's "Affinity it" @Michael Andreas and to all, maybe the best solution is to uninstall beta version and install only released version - in your Serif account, You should have a serial number for the released version. I've done this and it works fine!!!
  3. Hi, Installing on an older machine ran without any problems. More test during the weekend. Good job dev team!!!!!!
  4. Hi, Maybe not strictly AP bug (and the problem is in font coding), but if FontAwesome is used in the document, after exporting to pdf - glyphs are changed to different icons. The problem only occurs in Font Awesome 4. In FontAwesome 5 and Ionicon font - exporting without problems, as shown in the photo. Created in AP With best,
  5. On older machine update ran without problems. No crashing so far when testing. Column Guides - Fantastic!!!!! update. Looking forward to what's next....
  6. Hello, AP (Windows) Am I doing something wrong, or there is a bug with Resource Manager and Linked objects? Steps: 1. Created project Folder on Desktop - in folder another folder called "Assets" and placed all assets there (AP and AD files only). 2. Created a new document (Image placement policy: prefered linked) and I saved it in "Project folder" - created a layout with linked objects (Status in Resource Manager OK), saved it and close AP 3. Moved Project folder from Desktop to All project folders on another drive. 4. Trying to open AP file and warning (01) came out - chose "Yes" and navigated to proper Assets folder but AP (02) can't see assets (only AP and AD files) - then cancelled 5. Document - Resource Manager - Status: Missing and "Update" function is greyed out (03). 6. Only Replace command works, but for only that one asset. 7. Every time I open AP document that was moved to another folder or drive, I must relink all assets. Questions: 1. When You move folders with assets, do AP remembers paths for assets - It should automatically, when opening file, locate assets (they are in Project folder-Assets)? 2. When I replace one file - Does AP could link all the proper files in that folder? I've done a very simple example, but if I have longer documents and hundreds of files - after moving a project folder to another location - it would be horrible to relink again all assets. With best wishes!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi @Chris_K, Thanks a lot for the clarification and logging "little bugs". Trying to recreate business card, flyers and brochures in AP, and if I find more things, I'll let You - Serif Team - know about it. The program is constantly improved from beta to beta!!!! All the best for the Team!!!! And waiting for upcoming improvements and final release!!!!!!!
  8. Hi, On the older machine (for me), installation ran ok. Haven't got any described problems. Thanks Affinity Team for a quick update. More checking soon... All the best!!!!!
  9. Hi, Downloading and installation ran ok! On older machine - looks like loading is faster than the previous beta!!! Great job Serif Tem!!!!! More testing soon... @kirknurse: Go to View > Show Bleed and You'll see the bleeds. (Snapping to bleeds works fine for me)
  10. Hello, First big, big THANKS to all Serif Team!!!! Great job with Publisher!!!!!! Downloading and installation ran ok.! Also displaying the UI is correct. Testing right now - and it seems also great! Of course, missing visible bleeds, anchoring images etc., that was mentioned in other topics, but as for beta, it's great!!!!!!! Rubber Band Mode in Pen Tool is great!!!! - off topic, but I'm waiting to implement it in Designer and Photo please! More testing soon.... and waiting for the next betas!!!! All the best!!!!
  11. Hi, After installing upgrade to AP and AD, I've noticed, that on Welcome screen only in AP, there is an odd behavior of Samples Files (Win10 Fall Creators Update) With best,
  12. Yes, I've reinstalled twice, and when I'm online (I have McAfee LiveSafe) the problem still exists, but when I'm offline (McAffe disable or enable) - WORKS FINE!!!! So probably McAfee or (Windows Deffender???) is the problem when there is internet connection... (On Packard Bell I have Avast).
  13. Yes, all graphics drivers are up to date. The problem exists only in Photo, Designer is ok. I'm using HP Omen, Win10 FCU, 16GB ram, NVidia GTX 1050 and 388.13 driver version. On another machine (quite old Packard Bell and with Win10 FCU) in Photo (trial) screen looks as expected With best,
  14. Hey, I've downloaded latest update and one issue, when I'm working with text: 1. I can't write polish small letters "ł" (Alt Gr + l) and "ć" (Alt Gr + c). Also keyboart shortcuts like Ctrl + < and Ctrl + > to increase and decrease of font size don't work. (Win 10 Pl). Is this my problem or all polish users have the same issue? Best,
  15. Sean P, You are right... my mistake... this works fine!, but still mapping "Alt Gr + l " and "Alt Gr + c" is a problem. I've changed the shortcuts from default, like touchthedot and it's working, but maybe in next update take for consideration to change defaults.... and in future, in Affinity Publisher, Central European need to work correctly... With best!!!!!

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