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    Heres Johnny got a reaction from Fixx in Both apps | Group-transform text size   
    Group-transform the size of all selected text (no matter what fonts, sizes, etc). A parameter in the Character window to increase or decrease size of all this text by the same amount - just as if I was to scale the selected text with a bounding box.
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    Heres Johnny got a reaction from Hofnaar in Photo | Crop tool - modifier keys   
    Use a modifier key while dragging one of the handles to proportionally move the opposite handle of the crop overlay, just like in Photoshop. Similarly to how scaling objects works in Affinity Designer, where you press and hold CTRL to scale the object in opposite directions, or CTRL+SHIFT to scale the whole object proportionally. Also, holding just SHIFT to make cropping more precise is currently not an option either.
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    Heres Johnny reacted to Dave Harris in Text containers   
    We plan to do this for Artistic text in 1.6. It's a bit weird if the text begins or ends with blank lines, but it makes the text more artistic, more like a graphic.
    We also plan to do this for Frame text in 1.6.
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    Heres Johnny reacted to MEB in Designer | Scaling corners   
    Hi Heres Johnny,
    Thanks for your feedback. I agree this would be useful. Currently if you want to keep the corners editable you can apply the same scale factor to the corners radius in the context toolbar (input fields support math operations). Alternatively pressing the Bake button before scaling will let you scale the corners with the object destructively but you are probably aware of that.
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    Heres Johnny got a reaction from LCamachoDesign in Designer | Guides improvements   
    Ability to create guides from shapes (just like in Illustrator where I can create any shape and turn it into a guide).
    Also the ability to lock guides or "assign" them to specific layers, so when the layer is locked, the guide is as well.
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    Heres Johnny reacted to Alex B in Please add customisable workspace   
    What is really missing in Affinity Photo for a Pro user is the ability to create customized workspace.
    Especially now that many retouchers work on the set, this is very important.
    We go back and forth from our normal place with our usual monitor layout to many other places with many different monitor layouts.
    It's very annoying to rearrange every time all the panels to have our desired workspace.
    So, having the ability to save and recall custom workspaces would be a great feature.
    Professionals love to be fast and productive in the shortest time possible, so I think this is important for all the pros.
    Thanks again for your attention!
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    Heres Johnny reacted to NNN in Text containers   
    There is plenty empty space inside text container when it is selected with selection tool. It is very hard to work with if there is an overlaping text. It should tightly fit the text just as when it is converted to outlines as shown in an attachment.

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    Heres Johnny reacted to LeviA in Save As .AI   
    It would be nice if Affinity Designer could save as an adobe illustrator file. This would overcome the big advantage Adobe has over Affinity, usability. Most people (sad but true) still use Adobe. If Affinity could save as AI, like it can PHD...it would be a big help.
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    Heres Johnny reacted to Mikeintosh in A way to export project for devs/coders   
    Have been using Affinity for two years now and I never looked back after using Sketch and Photoshop. However I work in a big company now and I have a serious issues with exporting design for other people. Coders usually export project exported in PSD, they can also work with Sketch files (with Avocode and such).
    However PSD export is pretty useless since AD exports text as a bitmap and Avocode support is nowhere to be seen. The only way for me is to export all elements for the projects and put notes to every text aresa so coders know the font size/color/weight, which is very time consuming. 
    Please help me out here, I would love to advocade AD to other colleagues but luck of proper export for coders to use holds the app back big time. I would be really sad if I needed to switch back to other apps just because of this.
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    Heres Johnny reacted to shadowstorm in A way to export project for devs/coders   
    Wish that AD could support copy css of font with right click.
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    Heres Johnny got a reaction from tobi.b in Both apps | Fine-tuning w/ modifier keys   
    Could you please add modifier keys for both: (1) fine-tuning and (2) selecting precise absolute values while using knobs and sliders?
    *(1) Holding a modifier key (e.g. CTRL + SHIFT) vastly extends the mouse range so that it's easy to pick a value between, say, 10.2px and 10.3px.
    *(2) Holding a modifier key (e.g. CTRL) - similar to fine-tuning, but only limited to absolute values, as in 1, 2, 3, 4 and no decimals.
    I often use such modifier keys in music production software, but it translates so well into graphic design applications.
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