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  1. I'm not an expert by any means but I usually export as a SVG file.
  2. Thank you, I look forward to the next release and will look at the preferences. I appreciate the quick response and assistance. Bruce
  3. Hello, my name is Bruce and my interest is from a woodworking and CNC perspective. I am relatively new to OS X (4 years) but have worked on systems including DOS, VAX/VMS, Windows 3.1 through 7, Linux and several flavors of Unix. I am hoping that Affinity will replace Inkscape for my CNC needs. Although it does not seem to be oriented for that use, Time will tell. Bruce
  4. Follow up to my question. I do see the measurements in the transform window on the lower right but the "balloon" that appears as you are creating or adjusting the size is in px. Is there a way to change this or is it fixed?
  5. Ok so i have been using Inkscape for a few months and decided to move up. I created a document with mm as the document type and a custom size. Now how do i create in mm and not px, i guess i have missed the setting for that. Thanks for any assitance you can provide. I also searched help and it didnt. Bruce
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