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  1. CharismaPro

    Edit in Photo… erased progress

    Thanks, Chris B. At least I know I'm not alone. Sorry you got bit too.
  2. CharismaPro

    Edit in Photo… erased progress

    You're cute, Thanks for your attempt to answer my question.
  3. I think edit in photo is not working. I just spent 2 and a half hours in Designer and needed to make some quick adjustments in Photo. So I clicked "Edit in Photo…" and ZING! everything I'd done for the past 2 and a half hours is gone! I can't believe it's supposed to work this way. Erasing all your progress without a warning and reverting the version you originally opened is nonsensical. Note: neither program crashed. Please help. Are there any recovery files I can look for?
  4. I appreciate the help, however those are Affinity Designer rather than Affinity Photo videos. I believe Nivrams and myself are looking for a control similar to Photoshop's Duotone-Quadtone menu but in Affinity Photo. It the only feature I frequiently use but have not found a solution for in Affinity Photo, yet.

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