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  1. simplyphil

    Quick Masks

    Problem solved, its me, the alpha tick box thank you. now on with some work
  2. simplyphil

    Quick Masks

    Yes its me, did not check[tick] the alpha box, problem solved. Thanks again
  3. simplyphil

    Quick Masks

    I'll give it another try, and will do a screen print if it does not work, thank you regards Phil
  4. Unable to paint in quick mask, have tried altering softness & hardness, tried enlarging brush size, flatting image, merge down, merge visible, have you any ideas as to what the problem is?
  5. simplyphil

    Affinity Photo crashing, not responding

    thank you for your reply, as for the image, do you want a image that l have had trouble with? is this correct or do you want a snapshot image on PC system? thanks Philip
  6. simplyphil

    Affinity Photo crashing, not responding

    I would like to say it is similar to the faults in Designer (threads) but my problems are in Photo, l have used it again today, but it stops responding, freezes & closes-PC responds-_Unhandled Exception - Crashreporter-cannot find an error report to send or an error report is invalid-[0x80004003] I did do a Windows Memory Check last night - 3hours- no problems found. thank you for replying
  7. Why does my program crash & also not responding very frequent, unable to refine a selection completely only in part, l have only managed since Monday this week to do 4 images, starting in Raw then into Photo. I have had this program for a while now & lm only just getting to grips with it, but with the program not responding, I'm thinking did l do wrong in leaving Adobe; its not my graphics card or Ram memory[8gb] The PC is up to date with windows, all downloaded automatically , cleaned when browser shuts down, defragged weekly, could anybody tell me what l can do to resolve this problem, if l cannot looks like going back to Adobe.
  8. simplyphil

    Yet another crash

    can anyone tell why my affinity photo- does not responding - crash error - unable to send crash error ?; its driving me nuts not being able to use programme.