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  1. Hi, I am relatively new to AD, so not sure if this is user error or a bug.... When I scan an image say at 300ppi, and then use the place command in AD, I would expect the image to come in at the same physical dimensions as the original if the AD document is set at 300ppi. I do this all the time with Illustrator, and no matter what resolution I scan at, the image is the original dimensions when placed in illustrator. When I select the image I have placed, in the upper left corner of the screen, it shows the filename of the image, and then the dimensions and that is @72dpi. So it seems odd to me that on a document set at 300ppi, placing a 300ppi image, that it would decide to place the image at 72ppi. Obviously I can resize, but I am creating patterns, so I need them to be the exact physical size of what I am scanning.
  2. Hi There, This is a huge need for me as well. I never post online but went to the trouble of singing up, just to add my vote for some way of designating which object gets aligned to. I make patterns and use this all the time in AI. Affinity is amazing so far, but I can't completely commit yet without this feature.
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