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  1. A problem that has just started happening and not solved through paragraph settings, or alignment. When a new Frame text box is opened the top line is indented, despite paragraph first line settings being set to '0'. This happened 'overnight'. I currently copy and paste old Frame texts that still work fine. Very strange.
  2. Hi Walt - yes, I have - but when things go wrong (e.g. when experimenting/editing, particularly when changing text size) the Help topics just don't work. Most of the time I just re-draw the line and re-write the entire text. Occasions when, for example, there appears to be two of each triangle on one line - with no identifier as to which triangles are linked to which text , just trial and error, moving one triangle and seeing what happens to the text. I guess that whenever I see help files that only discuss one, simple, example I'm suspicious of the function's capability .. Some work I'm
  3. I use this feature a lot and have never understood how it works - help section provides no useful answers. What is the significance of the Red, orange, green triangles? I have tried to work it out many times and every single time I think I have a theory it confounds me. Thanks for any help Just tried to look at it again. Makes no sense.
  4. Walt.Farrell you are a genius! 'Undo' always used to solve the problem, but only when I recognised I had done it. Today I was selecting lots of things and doing lots of colour changes, so I couldn't see when I had done it to undo it. Can't believe whatever it is stays selected even when you close the app though ... Anyhow, thanks very much
  5. I have a really annoying 'marquee' type thing that I can't get rid of - not even closing the app gets rid of. I have typed in marquee into Help, and searched through 'layers' in the help section, but nothing seems to refer to it. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of it? i don't even remember what I did to select it!
  6. I nested it with a box the exact dimensions I need (1242 x 2208). When I export as 'selection without background' the export image shows as 1380 x 2264. When I override it with the dimensions I need I get all sorts of stretched images. For info, the image on the right (on the canvas) is the size I need.
  7. Hi. I uploaded it using the link. Thanks for having a look.
  8. I’m at home now, calming down I’ll try nesting the design again tomorrow. I just don’t understand why there is a view that ‘clips to canvas’, yet the export doesn’t do the same?
  9. Sorry, but every time I have a piece of work to produce that must be a precise size, the output from Affinity Designer is just garbage. I've written about this before without any response so I'll try again. I also use the phrase 'seems to' a lot in these examples because, after spending the last ten years operating with other software (SerifDraw being one) and getting exactly the results I need, I just don't know what is going on with Affinity Designer. Exports seem to take into account objects placed outside the document (why bother specifying the work area in the first place?), perhaps when
  10. The nesting certainly seems to be much simpler and equally effective - the image is exporting at the correct size with none of the three masks used before. Thanks again Ampa :)
  11. Ampa, thanks, very helpful. I noticed the colour problem too. The issue has always been that this image is about the tenth I've done in the same format - the first worked, so I simply copied, pasted, altered text and image, then exported - with the first nine there were no problems, (though it irritated me that I had to put in three masks when just one should achieve the same goal). I'll look up 'nest' in help and see where that takes me.
  12. It's a problem exporting an image on a mac There are three files attached to this post: an image showing a discrepancy between the image size as shown in transform box and the image size presented in the export box. (The image being exported is the button 'decouvrez votre niveau') an image showing the layer set up to achieve the image the affinity file itself - for someone to download it and respond file not exporting correctly.afdesign
  13. Bleduc, I think the whole point of art and creativity is to 'overcome' the things that lots of people have difficulty with in life. I often wonder what a living hell life would be without art and creativity - merely the pursuit of money, an exceedingly unchallenging pastime. I taught design for twenty years in the UK, specifically because when I was at school I was just so bored by the normal 'academic' subjects - I was actually advised not to study design as it wasn't academic enough to get into university! Anyhow, I think that most of what makes us creative comes about because we do not fit
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