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  1. Thanks so much Callum for the response and help! Though, these were settings I'd already found and messed with. Closest thing I can find similar to transfer is setting the flow to be affected by pressure. But it isn't close enough to work for what I need it for. Thanks again though, I'll find some kind of solution until it's maybe in an update!
  2. So there's a setting in Photoshop called transfer that I use religiously. Is there a setting in Affinity (or is a setting being planned in a future update) that I can use that would produce something similar?? I found another thread about this but I'm looking for more recent answers.... I tried setting "flow" to be affected by pen pressure, but the result is too different from what I'm looking for. I'd also be okay with a Photoshop plugin of... some sort, that might allow me to do something similar... I'm just so desperate for Affinity Photo to replace Photoshop for me. I refuse to pay monthly for something I wouldn't use monthly! Anything helps
  3. Hi! I'm brand new to Affinity Photo, so my apologies if this problem has a rather obvious solution! I downloaded AP today and began testing it out. Very simple testing, I haven't gone very in depth with it at all yet, which will become apparent. Here's my concern: Whenever I make a fast, curved brushstroke, there is a slight delay between when I put my pen down and when it actually begins drawing. Then, there's a straight line at the beginning of the stroke, and the rest of the stroke seems jittery and just not smooth. I have attached a screenshot depicting my issue. Photoshop used to do this sometimes but was repaired with a simple restart; I haven't found the solution to be that simple with AP. Any help is appreciated! I am using a Wacom Intuos4, and I'm positive the driver is installed. This issue wouldn't be as annoying if I was using this mainly for photo edits, but I'm a digital painter by hobby and I'm used to Photoshop CS5. Again, apologies if this solution is simple and/or if it's already been answered elsewhere! I looked but couldn't find. Also, this question is even more simple and I haven't looked for it nearly as hard but it'd still save me a second if someone could just tell me: How would I make the background transparent, and not white? Again, much thanks.