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  1. Flexify doesn't work. I get an unhandled exception, code 0x80004003
  2. Thanks for trying mate. Affinity Devs, can this be a feature request. Very handy for astrophotography as often images are shot with individual images for each rgbl channel
  3. I'll echo the suggestion for being able to create 360 pano's within the app. Although I think being able to transform existing panoramas to different projections would be more useful. Or get the Flexify plugin working (I understand if this is nearly impossible, even more reason to create a 1st party plugin)
  4. Hi, I have 3 greyscale images corresponding to Red, Green and Blue channels (for astrophotography, specifically images from Juno). I know you can make greyscale images from the channels but does anyone know if there is a way to do the opposite? Import, or paste the individual images to each channel? I haven't tried this in photoshop yet. Forgot to mention, this is in AP Thanks, Luke
  5. I was about to post my own feature request, but this is basically the same thing. Sometimes I like to add a watermark to the nadir of my equirect pano's, but I would like the watermark to stay on a separate layer. In Photoshop I use Flexify to place and transform the watermark using the "zenith and nadir" projection (that's another thing, can we get Flexify to work :) ). Also it would be good if we could snap the view to zenith or nadir. Thanks, Luke

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