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    Jon P reacted to carl123 in Strange image appearing behind text when Inserting a page number   
    Look in Paragraph, Decorations for those page number fields
    You can remove the Decoration to fix the issue but don't ask me how it got like that.

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    Jon P reacted to Cooner in Publisher crashes when typing out ellipses?   
    Aaah, great to hear, thanks! I tried searching for ellipses issues on the forum but didn’t find anything so wasn’t sure if you were aware of this. It’s an easy enough work-around for now, glad to hear it’s been taken care of!
    For the record I’m really liking Publisher so far … been working on a little non-critical document to run it through its paces and see how it works. Very impressed, great work! Looking forward to the final release and, hopefully, an iPad version down the line.
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    Jon P got a reaction from thomaso in Spread, custom dimensions: Move or Delete Fails   
    Hi thomaso,
    This seems to only really relate to the first page in a facing page document, and I can kind of see why but I wouldn't say it's expected behaviour.
    I've logged this for the developers to consider further.
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    Jon P reacted to Ademanda in Crashes when I try to export to PDF (print setting)   
    Sorry for the late reply - was away from my desk for the weekend 
    In answer to your question thomaso - I was using export to PDF (print setting) and it was a test page of filler text and an image.
    I have tried it again this morning and it now appears to be working! I'll keep you posted if it fails again during my testing of the software.
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    Jon P reacted to Matthias in v Linking PSD resource damages document   
    I have a pre- Publisher file containing a linked, multilayered PSD file. In the Resource Manager the resource shows up as “image_1.tif“ instead of the original PSD file with a non-generic name. Seems like Publisher exchanged the multilayer PSD file with an embedded, flattened one.
    Now, when I replace this embedded .tif-file with the original PSD, save and close, the Publisher document becomes corrupted and can’t be opened anymore.
    Update: Same result when I replace the embedded resource with a PSD file manually with ”Replace Document“ in the context toolbar.
    Update 2: Seems to be logged already. Apologies.
    Update 3: When I place the multilayered PSD separately, delete the embedded one and then save, the document is just fine and can be reopened after closing.

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    Jon P reacted to carl123 in Crash when type two numbers separated by a slash   
    I think that was due to a bug with Auto Correct which was fixed in beta 330 but beta 330 was withdrawn shortly after its release due to another bug
    For now you can switch off auto correct (until they release the next beta) if it becomes too much of a problem for you
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    Jon P got a reaction from kai2 in text wrap very slow   
    From what I can see it depends on the makeup of the EPS file, I've got one that works smoothly and another that performs quite slow, the slow one containing lots of lines, moveto's etc.
    I'll log this to see if anything can be done to speed it up.
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    Jon P reacted to postmadesign in .326: Cannot drag layers in Layers Panel   
    Build .330 seems to not have these issues! 
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    Jon P reacted to Dunfee in First page not looking right   
    Thanks for the feedback Jon! I agree that it doesnt seem like a normal thing and could be a bug so I'm glad you guys are going to look into it.
    Its literally the first thing, other than a crash that I couldnt reproduce that I've seen in the beta that I would qualify as a bug. You guys are building a SOLID product here.

    I've got a way forward either way!
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    Jon P got a reaction from dcarvalho84 in Bug? Placed document don't let the document to save #330   
    Hi dcarvalho84,
    It might be the case that another workflow works better here as Old Bruce highlights.
    I have reproduced this once so far on Windows, not sure why I don't seem to be able to at the moment and am still looking into this. Either way I don't think this correct behaviour so will get this logged.
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    Jon P reacted to dominik in Table cell fill colour not applying   
    Hi @Undecided,
    can you perhaps give a step by step description what you are doing?
    For me it works to assign cells a fill colour using the Table panel. See this screenshot:

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    Jon P got a reaction from Rick G in Typing "(c)" in publisher beta- caused program shut down   
    Hi @mediamaffia,
    This was an issue in the build you are using but should be fixed in the most recent beta update if you want to install it from this forum.
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    Jon P reacted to Alfred in Conflict with Alfred?   
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    Jon P reacted to MartinHH in Crash while working with assets and duplicate pages   
    Problem has been fixed in 312! Thanks a lot!
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    Jon P got a reaction from MartinHH in Crash while working with assets and duplicate pages   
    Hi Martin,
    I've reproduced it, it took me a bit of time to recreate the file you had in your video, it seems quite specific and was only happening for me when the pages were landscape.
    I've logged this, thanks for reporting it.
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    Jon P got a reaction from bebez71 in Crash by renaming a color   
    Thanks for reporting this, I can reproduce the crash with your file. I'm struggling to see what has caused it to happen in this specific file but have logged it for the developers to investigate.
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    Jon P got a reaction from Copper Star Media in PDF export turns text into code? ver 305   
    Are you able to attach the PDF you imported?
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    Jon P reacted to walt.farrell in raw   
    As with Batch processing in Affinity Photo, Placing RAW files uses a simplified development process, and will tend to be darker than if you Opened them in Photo and Developed them. I am not sure exactly what development steps are missing, but I might guess that Lens Corrections are also not performed. I haven't tried to check that.
    I would not recommend Placing RAW files directly into Publisher (or Photo or Designer), but if you do you will probably have to apply some adjustments to get them looking closer to what you want.
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    Jon P got a reaction from Petar Petrenko in [] Crashes when applying paragraph styles   
    Thanks for reporting this and the confirmation, I've reproduced it here and logged it.
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    Jon P reacted to Seneca in Table resize is now offset in this release   
    Tables are currently broken. This has been reported a number of times already. The developers are aware of this and hopefully we will have a fix soon.
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    Jon P got a reaction from jmwellborn in V. 305 Crashes when trying to Open a PDF   
    We have an issue logged for "Favour editable text over fidelity" causing a crash on some PDFs at the moment and i've added your PDF's to that issue.
    Thanks for making sure it got reported.
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    Jon P reacted to walt.farrell in Installation failure, Affinity Publisher Beta 293   
    My apologies. It's %Temp%\AffinitySetup
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    Jon P reacted to oculist in Copy – Paste – Crash (from email)   
    Yes thank you - it does not happen if I make a text frame and past into that. 
    I've only just started using Publisher in the last few days and as I'm a casual user I don't know may way around the tools yet. 
    It's very good and I'm glad to have a viable professional alternative to Adobe products. 
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    Jon P got a reaction from walt.farrell in Another pinning issue   
    Thanks Walt, I've logged this
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    Jon P got a reaction from Panejo in Local text attributes in the frame text box after font change   
    Hi @Panejo,
    Apologies this got overlooked, this is a bug as it only affects Windows.
    I've logged it for the developers to look into further.