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  1. @Meb... couldn't have said it better... a lot of fun learning new tricks / techniques .. :) @Peter.. imagine Designer in a year from now.. man.. :) A little update.. just blocking it out, still a long way to go.. tons of ideas in my head.. Cheers, B
  2. bbwebdiz

    Multiple Layer Effects

    + me.. ..what CartoonMike said, but maybe in a tab functionality? the effects would be listed on the left, while the effect quantity would go in a tab fashion above the effects settings.. with a plus at the right side of the last tab/effect for adding another one.. in the tab, there could be a little rectangle thumbnail with the previewed effect (like in PS), and the order number, following a hierarchy.. the first effect, furthest to the left would be the bottom most effect, under all the new ones added which would cover it up... vice versa.. just brainstorming.. from a web designer / graphic designer / ui ux designer / illustrator etc's stand point... multiple fx would be unbelievably practical.. EDIT something like this attached preview i mocked up quickly... just to give a slight idea.. ofc, I myself didn't think this through to the end.. but this seems logical for me, and easy to understand/use.. retaining as much space as possible needed for the fx itself.. EDIT 2 i didn't add the "delete" current tab and "duplicate" current teb buttons.. could go right under the tabs.. with a divider separating the fx's settings ..
  3. Hi, and thank you :) Each time i work in Designer, it amazes me.. i was playing around with those two tentacles, and ended up having a lot of effects, ranging from gradients, with opacity on colors, to opacity itself, to 3d effect etc... the possibilities man.. i think i overdid it :) http://grab.by/B8eE Will fix it in the future..
  4. Hello, Have I potentially missed, somewhere in AD, the Ruler Tool? Or, if it is missing, has there been a Ruler Tool feature request that I couldn't find? :) Anyway, if there isn't a Ruler Tool, could it be implemented down the road? This is one of my most used tools in Photoshop, when working on anything, primarily Web Design. I would gladly discuss which features I'd love for it to have, if anyone replies to this thread.. And yes, I'm lovin' Affinity Designer so far :wub: Thanks, Boban