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    Pšenda got a reaction from MauricioC in Default Save As to Any Format   
    As I wrote in this and in similar topic (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54114-affinity-photo-save-as/&do=findComment&comment=274538),
    Affinity philosophy (SaveAs - native format, Export - other formats) is good for me, and I do not have a problem with it.
    But I understand, that for many users with different practices it can be a unnecessary complications.
    This can be solved very simply.
    In preferences, place a selection option:
    - SaveAs, only native format.
    - SaveAs, all formats (native and exported).
    Depending on this option, SaveAs processing is different - either an existing service, or an Export dialog with added native format.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from fde101 in feature request: Tabletmodus for Designer/Photo at Microsoft Surface   

    If you included your reaction/request in this (old) thread, it would be obvious.
    This way (new request without link to other thread) I have no chance of knowing, that you "read it".
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    Pšenda reacted to fde101 in feature request: Tabletmodus for Designer/Photo at Microsoft Surface   
    This is a duplicate thread.  It has been requested before and Serif has already indicated this is not likely to happen in the near future.
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    Pšenda reacted to Jaffa in Tool bar decides not to show, even when I tick in Studio   
    So, you are saying that the IR Baboon, under your name is correct and that you are located at Castle Grayskull is correct - that seems eminently suitable
    .  I will try elsewhere!  
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    Pšenda reacted to fde101 in shortcut editing suggestions   
    Ah, that's the confusion...  many of you are still on the inferior platform.
    "Yes" or "No" would violate Apple's HIGs: https://developer.apple.com/design/human-interface-guidelines/macos/buttons/push-buttons/
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Phillipp in only frustration   
    No. Open TIFF (JPEG, PNG), modify and "Save" (Ctrl + S).
    Menu Document, Rotate 90° Clockwise/Anticlockwise (shortcuts can be modified). 
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Mithferion in Export preview   
    Sorry, but isn't it always better to check before buying what the thing/program actually does? This can be found on the forum, possibly with a trial version.
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    Pšenda reacted to tiborsanta1955 in brushes type   
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Patrick Connor in Affinity Photo Workbook   
    So it seems like "never" :-)
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    Pšenda reacted to fde101 in GUI-Design improvement   
    The pixel selection is largely independent of the existence of content.
    No, it just means that anything which is there is transparent/invisible.  Creating a pixel layer in a document with a transparent background does not suddenly make the background opaque, so it really doesn't tell you anything about the state of the layers/objects within the document: the layers can have transparent content at that point and there is "something there" but you still can't see it.  The opaque or transparent background exists behind the layers, independently of them.
    The one on the Color panel?  That works quite well with no content in the document as it can pick from anywhere on the screen, including other applications.
    This is because the layer that exists is most likely completely transparent so you are seeing the "paper" through the layer.  If you don't want them to look the same, then simply paint something onto the layer.
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    Pšenda reacted to Old Bruce in Why are the guide measurements different in Artboards vs Guide Manager?   
    I am pretty sure that bug (?) / problem has been reported.
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    Pšenda reacted to walt.farrell in Why are the guide measurements different in Artboards vs Guide Manager?   
    Because it needs to be negative to compensate for the spread origin, which as you note is 47.6 mm.
    47.6 + (-44.027) = 3.573, which matches the position shown on the ruler.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Frozen Death Knight in GUI-Design improvement   
    This is not true at all. First, it depends on the size of the display, which each user has a different size, and then it is possible to add to the Toolbar other useful buttons (hopefully more will be added), so you can use its space significantly more efficient, than you have.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Gunny in "Location" in this forum   
    Although I urged the repair again, still nothing.
    Given the visibility of this bug and the ease of fixing it, it's really sad and bad business card for Serif.
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    Pšenda reacted to Frozen Death Knight in GUI-Design improvement   
    I agree. I just meant when it is activated and the user wants it on.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Frozen Death Knight in GUI-Design improvement   
    The deactivation of the Assistant should be respected.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Allan Windmill in Vector brush names   
    It has been requested long ago, and unfortunately still nothing.
    For example:
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    Pšenda reacted to mac_heibu in INDD (InDesign) Import?   
    … but IDML files ARE InDesign files!
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    Pšenda reacted to Rossjackson01 in Integration Apps in Publisher   
    Can't see why there would need to be an intergradation in Designer and Photo for Publisher. Publisher 'hosts' the output from Designer and Photo, not the other way round.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Rossjackson01 in Operating system compatability   
    As far as I know, there could be a problem with file linking (different path definition).
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    Pšenda got a reaction from BlueSailing in Problem Placing Images in Picture Frames   
    Picture Frame, Place Image Tool or Replace image.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Demetrio Guerrero in Import Fonts   
    Install font to Windows. Affinity applications use the fonts installed in the OS.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Starchy97 in hiding marching ants   
    You can set up a keyboard shortcut, which can be quite practical - quickly hide and re-display selection.
    Alt + A (Ants) is free. 
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    Pšenda reacted to R C-R in Publisher Personas: System-wide shortcuts?   
    Maybe, but there are several things that dividing the UI into separate Personas makes possible. Among them:
    Each Persona has its own customizable Studio panel configuration. So for example you could have a large undocked Layers panel in the Designer Persona & just a small one in a tab group the Pixel Persona, a long undocked Brushes panel in the Pixel Persona & small docked one in the Designer Persona, etc. Each Persona can have customizable keyboard shortcuts that apply only to that Persona, so for example you could assign the same shortcut to hiding/showing the Layers panel in the Designer Persona to hiding/showing the Brushes panel in the Pixel Persona. Each also Persona has its own set of menubar menu items, its own customizable toolbar, & its own customizable Tools panel. So while you cannot 'mix & match' tools from different Personas that operate only on vector or raster objects, you can set up each Persona to make the best use of the available screen space.
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    Pšenda got a reaction from Joachim_L in Limitation of Cloud, Star, Double Star and Square Star to 48   
    Limit is 1000 :-) 
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