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  1. Yes, only items located in "Workspace" can be edited directly. However, Workspace items can be customized as needed (menu Program, Workspace manager...).
  2. Select file, select Title tag. Write new tag value, Click Save (store all changes to pdf file).
  3. I think this is the main reason why you can't take solutions from APh and APu so easily. In the case of ADe, the Fields should be adjustable for each ardboard separately.
  4. Just for information - I use it with ExifToolGUI, and that's just great 🙂
  5. Create New Document (menu File, New...), Place Images (menu File, Place... or Copy/Paste), Move Tools - arrange it (image size, position). Alternatively, you need to provide more detailed information about which collage you want to get.
  6. You mean Channels panel? I'm afraid he's only in APhoto.
  7. And were they saved with the Preferences / General / Thumbnail option?
  8. Due to the different uses of individual Affinity applications, it can be expected that some features will have only some of them. I think that Serif assumes (and corresponds to the low price of individual applications and their interconnection) that users will own the entire Affinity Suite (if they require all available features).
  9. Yes, because "panel title" (tab description) shows "file name" not "document title".
  10. As you know, unfortunately it is not possible directly in ADesigner - if someone needs it, it is necessary to request it in the "Feature Requests & Suggestions" section. I do this by switching the document "Edit in Publisher...".
  11. You may not want to, but many other users yes - the "document title" must not change when the file name is changed. If you want to change it - change it, but not by renaming the file.
  12. I think that's right - document title and file name are completely different things, so there's no reason to change the document title when changing the file name.
  13. You mean StudioLink in APublisher, or "Edit in..."? "Edit in...." work fine first time, if the application is starting. However, if the application is already running, it must be activated in the Taskbar. It would definitely want to fix that.
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