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  1. Filters (regular or live filters) are part of APhoto. https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/pages/Filters/filters_applying.html https://affinity.help/photo/en-US.lproj/pages/Filters/distortionFilters.html I don't know if Serif will be inclined to insert them into ADesigner, so that APhoto de facto loses its meaning.
  2. Too bad he doesn't use Power Duplicate - it would be significantly faster. Alternatively, I would use the Contour Tool.
  3. Frame Text Tool or Artistic Text Tool? https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Text/text_general.html
  4. ... there can also be a difference between drawing texts/fonts (as the OP talks about all the time) and drawing curves and shapes.
  5. ... or try searching in the forum - most of the questions and problems have already been discussed and solved many times here.
  6. Yes, but only during export, when the raster image is transformed/recalculated/reduced according to the format of the output file and its bit depth. Personally, I assume that when exporting vector data and texts, everything is first rasterized according to the document parameters (its bit depth, DPI and ICC profiles), and only then individual output files are generated from this (master) rasterized output (eg when you have several different slices, or if you have several different file formats and different bit depths and different resolutions from the same slice), which only now respect, and therefore recalculate the output according to the relevant parameters of each file. Thus, I would expect and assume, that rasterization and thus antialiasing "can" change according to the format of the document and its bit depth, which is directly related to the possibilities of antialiasing and the fineness of its transitions. If Affinity doesn't do it, and rasterizes/antialiases all the time, regardless of the parameters of the document, it's quite a shame.
  7. APhoto is a raster/image editor, so it displays everything (raster images and vectors) as pixels. If you want to process vectors, including vector views, then it is better to use ADesigner, which allows different types of views (vector, pixel-two densities and outline/wireframe).
  8. Thanks for the information, which no one asked. How does this relate to creating the best possible conditions for creating the finest anti-aliasing transition, to verify/confirm that the anti-aliasing problem is/is'nt in Affinity generation and not in the document format used?
  9. I'll just add (part L— Length) https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/Panels/transformPanel.html P.S. It is a pity, that both variants are not shown in the picture here, because it can be overlooked in the text unnecessarily.
  10. Yes, greater bit depth will allow for a finer color gamut and thus smoother color transitions when creating antialiasing. So why not try setting an ADesigner document to 32 bit, and then exporting as PNG 24 bit?
  11. Somehow I don't understand, what is the causal context between the frequency of Affinity application updates and the use of the Creative cloud?
  12. If you're talking about Snapshots (Snapshots panel), that's a whole different topic, isn't it?
  13. It is a pity, that the unchecking on the Slices panel does not hide the frame of the respective Slice. It only hide its corner handles, which does not help with orientation in the chaos of slices.
  14. Yes, exactly as you requested ("would be hidden from the canvas"). If you want to hide the Slices objects from the Export area (and thus affect its parameters), not from the working document/canvas, then use Make item visible in Export (left eye). Does this not work?
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