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  1. Hey MEB, How soon can I expect to use most of the tools in the roadmap to be implemented later?
  2. How can I easily "mirror" or "reflect" an object in Affinity Designer? Also In Adobe Illustrator there are many Effects (Dropdown Menu) to choose from Adobe Illustrator > Effects > Warp > Arc How can I choose a certain Effect in Affinity Designer I want to Warp an object or grouped object to give it an Arc (curved) appearance ? Thx
  3. Yes I believe so "outline/shape from a group of objects" I am following along a video tutorial being completed on AI and working on it on AD.
  4. Hey Advanced thanks for the help it must have been a fluke because it only happened yesterday night, but I tried all your shortcuts and cheats and it seems to work right now. keep being awesome!
  5. Hey I could use some help exiting Zoom Mode, I have tried undoing or selecting a different tool but it just returns to zoom mode (z) or the hand tool (h) which I suppose lets me drag around the artboard while in Zoom Mode. I don't want to start from scratch everytime I begin a new project and accidently or purposely use the zoom tool. Thx
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