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  1. The easy way definitely doesn't work because the letter gets out of the box but, as you suggested, converting into curves solved the problem ! Thank you very much for your help !
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'm doing it the "easy way", I guess, by drag-dropping the text layer onto the thumbnail of the color layer (in the layer panel, as explained in the help). I'll try your method.
  3. I was happily using AD with single-color letters, but then I needed to use dual-color letters. Not a problem, I thought, I just need to do a bicolor panel and mask it with the letters. As expected, it works. Except I'm using Calibri font in italic and the upper right part of the i is out of the object frame (or if you prefer, the object frame doesn't cover the whole object that is the letter i). As a result, when I apply the letter as a mask, the upper part of the i is cropped, which I can't let slide in a professional project. The problem doesn't happen with not-italic font, so I may switch to non-italic as a last resort, but I'd like a better solution...