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  1. And thank you MEB! This is all great, I love it! Affinity Designer has almost everything I need for Web / UI design and as I see it - it will get much better. :) Do you have an affiliate program? I would like to spread the word about your software.
  2. Thank you! Is there a place where I can see a road map for these programs?
  3. Hello, I have bought Affinity designer few days ago and I was pleasantly surprised how good it is, so I have bought Photo today as well. Both programs will replace my Adobe Design Premium CS4 package without much problems. - I was wondering about this line "free updates" - what does it mean exactly? Does it apply for version 1.xx or for all future versions 2.x, 3.x etc? - Is Windows license usable on Mac / iPad as well, or are those bought separately?

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