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    StudioLink doesn't work (macOS)

    That is exactly it! If you want custom folders with your favourite applications, don't move the apps but consider using aliases (drag with Command-Option pressed). Much safer and it avoids automation, linking and updating problems.
  2. Mark Stoutjesdijk

    changing fonts crashes

    It is still crashing. It is December now. The "fix"/workaround by dublbutted sounded promising but does not work.
  3. Mark Stoutjesdijk

    Affinity Designer frequently hangs

    Hi, Affinity Designer is a joy to work with, but I find that it recently hangs very often (force quit required). There does not seem to be a particular action that gets me into trouble, so I would like to send a log to the Affinity team. How could I do this? In the mean time, I am very curious if this is happening to other people as well. Cheers Mark
  4. Mark Stoutjesdijk

    Affinity Designer frequently hangs

    Hi Tony, I have been unable to consistently crash it as a result of particular actions. That is why I would like to send you a crash report, so that perhaps it will help you see what's going on during (and just before) the crash.
  5. Mark Stoutjesdijk

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi all, My name is Mark Stoutjesdijk. I am designing analytics software for healthcare. For demonstration purposes as well as for development, I need screen mockups and I find that Affinity Designer works very well for that. Even though Designer is very intuitive to use, I hope to learn a lot at the forums. Cheers Mark