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    My first post and first serious work

    I'm wondering why no one else has commented on this, because it's pretty damn good.
  2. Renzatic

    Work in progress but need a little help

    I'd say it's more 5% inspiration, 5% aping someone's style, and 90% goofing around with various stuff on top of that until you land on something that kinda looks cool. Or to put it another way, when in doubt, apply a gradient, and spin through your blend modes and layer effects.
  3. I can't seem to find that tutorial again (I really should consider bookmarking more often), but I did happen across this, which is basically the same thing. I could vector up a, say, plaster wall style texture in one document, apply it to a specific spot in another, and then make changes to the source at will without having to drill down through layers and groups to get to it. It gives me more space to work on something overly specific, while keeping the clutter down in the main document. Think of a simple sun type object, just a simple circle with a number of triangles surrounding it. Instead of having to copy, rotate, and paste each triangle individually, I could design one triangle, then tell the program to make a certain number of instances of it spaced evenly along a path I set. Thing is, after doing some searching, I'm not entirely sure Designer is capable of doing this yet. It seems instead I have to use XY mirroring and bang out a corner of a quadrant to pull this off.
  4. I'm slowly getting there, but I've still got a ways to go before I can say that for a fact. I've still yet to learn how to copy objects along a path, or do that...er, thing where you use an artboard (I think) to design patterns that can be applied specifically to certain areas on your vector. That latter bit has me particularly interested, because I want to be able to bang out a textured surface look for some of my walls and whatnot. Going with a straight up flat color sometimes looks a little too bland for what I'm going for, even with the shading applied. Thanks. :D It's the first of my favorites, but really, just about every Zelda game from 3 onwards to at least Windwaker was fun.

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