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  1. My previous offers still stand, Serif. I've got $150 right here in my hand. I could spend it on pizza. I could spend it on movies. But I'm not. This is my Affinity Linux fund. If you make them, I'll buy your software a 2nd time, and I probably won't even complain that much.
  2. Yeah, them numbers ain't come with no apples and cinnamon.
  3. Well, I initially came in expecting pie, then I left after not finding any. Now I'm back again. Honestly, I don't even know anymore...
  4. Total aside, but I came into this thread expecting pie. I'm leaving it disappointed. Quit toying with my emotions. 😠
  5. It's just something I thought I'd do a quick riff on.
  6. I can see it! Right up above the things that look like little brown cows!
  7. It's a nice idea, but it's also one rife with legal caveats and potential for a lot of hurt feelings. The biggest problem with crowdsourcing a 3rd party to build a program for them is that the people who donate to the campaign will feel like Serif owes them a program. They won't see it as an potential investment, but rather a preorder. If they take the money, then later announce that, due to various reasons and unforeseen circumstance, they're unable to port the Affinity suite to Linux, it's going to piss a lot of people off. They'll feel let down, mislead, taken advantage of, and they'll end up taking it out on Serif. It'll cost them some community goodwill, and expose them to the possibility of a class action lawsuit. It's not a situation a smaller company like Serif will want to put themselves in.
  8. This is awesome, and you should be proud of yourself for making it. Do Ducktales next!
  9. That's funny, cuz I feel, at best, like I'm an intermediate at this stuff. Like I know my way around these programs, but I'm not really truly GOOD at them yet. The rust effect was done with edge masks in Substance Painter, so it's bitmap. Most of my designer work revolves around logos, labels, and other arty details like that.
  10. Ah, that. The the just a touch of pea soup approach to color schemes. The secret ingredient is a dash of yellowy green.
  11. You talking about the halftone effect?
  12. Hey, thanks. I'm using a lot more than just Designer and Photo to create these images. What you're seeing here is due to the combined efforts of the aforementioned alongside Substance Painter, and Blender.
  13. True. It's fun to delve into that stuff. ...though dirty secret, I never had an Amiga. I just wanted one really, really bad when I was a kid.
  14. Unfortunately, it's a little too late for Amiga to make its mark anymore. It's competition is deeply entrenched, the OS and PC hardware markets are fully saturated, and there's really not much room for growth that would help it stand out from what we already have. That ship has sailed.
  15. Yeah, more often than not you'll run into some form of dependency hell when you're distro jumping applications. It's not difficult to fix, but if you don't know exactly what you're doing, it can be a total pain. Though if Serif were to release the Affinity suite for Linux, would they use Flatpaks or Snaps? I find that most Win/Mac developers who hop over to Linux land almost always seem to opt for .deb or .rpm depending on which distro they're targeting.
  16. They can. At their core, all Linux distros use the same base. It's the differences in everything that surrounds that core that separates one distro from another, like what package manager, desktop environment, windowing system, and so on and so on that they use. They're all roughly compatible with each other, though sometimes you have to put in some work to get an app running if you're not using a supported distro. That said, packages like AppImages, Flatpaks, and Snaps are doing a lot towards making installing apps more of a universal experience.
  17. Those machines really were the future, leveraging tech and designs years before they became standard. I wonder how different things would be if Commodore knew what they were sitting on.
  18. Whatever it is, keep it up. You're doing amazing work here.
  19. Serif does seem to be a company that remains fairly mum on issuing public announcements on something until they're absolutely 100% sure they're ready to commit to it. For the longest time, I kept seeing posts from people asking them about their rumored up and coming competitor to Indesign, and their replies would almost always be along the lines of "we're working on something along those lines that may or may not be shown at some indeterminate point in the not too distant future", or "we can't comment on that at this very moment." Then one day, seemingly out of the blue, they announced they were prepping up for a beta release, and then it was practically all they'd talk about. So going by this most recent example, if they've vaguely alluded to working on a DAM, then it's probably coming. No one knows when exactly, but it's coming.
  20. They're wanting to leverage the cloud for enterprise solutions, home office applications, and storage, which they've more or less already done, and are making a mint off of it. Turning Windows itself into a sub based service would be incredibly stupid for a number of reasons. For one thing, it'd basically be Microsoft charging people what'll amount to a pointless middleman fee just to access their own paid services. It'd not only be an ongoing self imposed obstacle barring the way to their own line of products, but would be double dipping into their customer's wallets in the worst, most obviously greedy way. I doubt a majority of their user base would tolerate it, especially when there are so many compelling alternatives to choose in lieu of.
  21. I'd say that's pretty official. Guess this means I need to start saving my quarters now.
  22. I've heard this floated as a rumor before, but has anyone officially stated that they're planning on charging an upgrade fee when the suite finally rolls up to 2.0?
  23. It's a one time charge. Serif doesn't currently have a subscription pricing scheme for their software.
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