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  1. Saving and exporting .tiff Can someone throw some light on the following please. The 'save as' button seems to all intent to be redundant as there are no options. It does nothing more/different than the 'save' button. In almost all other programs the 'save as' feature allows the file being worked on to be converted and saved in a full range of formats. Quick, convenient and efficient. This ommision is extremely frustrating. Especially as your 'export' feature, which would seem to replace the 'save as' in other programs, is somewhat cumbersome and can cause other problems with the exported file. For example: when image file is exported as a .tif and then opened in a word processing or DTP program (eg Word, LibreOffice, QuarkXpress) it becomes 'corrupted'. Though, surpise, surpise, it opens cleanly in all other Serif programs! It also opens properly in Photoshop, Windows photoviewer, Photos, though not in ViewNX. Have tried to attach images illustrating problem but am told file type is not permitted - help!. All this is extremely frustrating. I have always been a fan of Serif software and Affinity has much to recommend it BUT much of my work entails processiing raw and jpeg images, converting to .tif and setting them in a desktop publishing program prior to print. I notice also that exported tif files have been compressed (LZW), seemingly automatically. I can find no means to control compression in the export preferences/setup or anywhere else. Again this is annoying as many of the images I process require no compression. I had hoped that AFP would allow me to centre all my photo processing around it. Sadly, these problems I have outlined inhibit me from using it for much of my work and hope that either I have 'missed' something in using AFP or that you can correct these problems. Any help appreciated
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