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  1. I must admit, the blob brush was smooth, and since a unified point width is consistent with modern illustration trends, they get away without having some way of tapering the line (for now). the auto-closing of shapes using pencil tool is handy. Unfortunately the Pen tool is broken 😔
  2. Draw as many glyphs/characters as the task requires, arrange along underlying guides, kern by hand. Just a digital process of what sign makers would do back in the day
  3. You may be thinking of generating a full typeface, with all special characters, and again the requirements to handle the fine tuning of text that will display consistently in body and /or headlines would be quite an undertaking... but nothing stopping you from hand rendering lettering in Designer purely as Display type
  4. True, text on path is a good feature, how have you found the Pen tool?
  5. Here’s a suggestion, Serif need to capitalise on the fact the recent Illustrator release for iPad is brutal. Demonstrate how you get way more bang for your buck in terms of features and abilities, and all without being locked into a subscription. Seriously, get some live demos out there while the iron’s hot and steal the limelight. Designer has so much potential, routing for y’all 🤘
  6. So I tried Illustrator for iPad... it turns out Serif doesn’t have any competition 😅 for starters, the pen tool was kinda janky especially when closing a shape(if Adobe can’t even get the basics right...), no width variance features for strokes or corner smoothing, and for €10 a month!? Vector software has to at least get these fundamentals working out of the box or it’s a 👎 from me. Anyone lose have a better experience?
  7. Could it be an issue with your printer settings? Like you might have ‘fit to screen’ checked (think that’s what it’s called). If it’s the setting I’m thinking of, sometimes it has the effect of shrinking objects you’re printing
  8. Have you tried using the Pixel tool under the Pixel Persona as a place to start?
  9. Might be hard to cram into that space, but as an ‘inbetween’ tool like photoshop touch... 🤔
  10. Drag and drop looks handy... but there’s something about a simple ‘Copy and Paste’ that I miss... The fact I can copy from Procreate to Designer but not from Photo is a bit surprising.
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