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  1. Designer has been an excellent substitute to Illustrator, but a Width tool to vary the width/tapering for Strokes on the fly, would be amazing. And while we’re on the subject of Srokes, if Affinity Designer ‘appropriated’ a Smooth, and Eraser tool, I would leave Illustrator behind in the dust!
  2. Is there a way to vote for what new features might be implemented?
  3. Apologies @MEB, you did.Just excitement at the prospect of additional path editing tools, meant my brain glossed over that point too quickly
  4. I need these features too btw, ready to leave Illustrator behind
  5. Your suggestion for 2, erasing the path, really is a workaround, and not a substitute for preserving the original path qualities
  6. I’ve had a few ‘ready to exit Illustrator’ requests too, so close
  7. BarKeegan

    Select Same

    Oooh, this would be a great feature, Select similar color etc in Illustrator was so useful
  8. I'm pretty close in deciding to make a move from Illustrator to Affinity. I love the corner smoothing abilities, adding varying widths to a single line etc. But it's been a while since I had the 10 day trial and can't remember how the pen tool performs ( how the tool operates would be a real deal breaker!) Unfortunately I can't get a clear demonstration either from any of the tutorials I've watched. Basically I'm looking for the pen tool to respond according to the first video I've uploaded Illustrator Pen tool (recorded from Illustrator). So being able to control wether the next point you place in a basic vector shape is a curve or straight line on the fly, and to what degree it curves. I know some Vector programmes behave more closely to the second video I uploaded Illustrator Pen tool_basic ie, curve angle determined as soon as the next point is placed, and must be adjusted after. Thanks in advance Illustrator Pen tool.mov Illustrator Pen tool_basic.mov
  9. I getcha, I suppose I'll have to embrace the differences. And like I said it looks like it does have loads of great features. Will miss the purity of Illustrator's pen though. Thanks for the feedback
  10. Cheers, I've watched that tutorial, but I think there's a slight difference between how I draw the next point and what you see in the tut. I click once more on the last anchor I lay down before proceeding, which in Illustrator seems to give you more 'subtle' control over the overall shape of the curve. The tut did seem to suggest though that holding the option key might give me that same control, unless I'm interpreting it wrong...