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  1. Is this a universal law? I think it would be useful if a node could join more than 2 other nodes.
  2. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot! So curves must always be ONE linear line of joined nodes? And there cannot be more than two lines going out from one single node?
  3. In Affinity Designer for Windows do the following: 1. Open an SVG image in AD and edit it 2. Close the SVG image tab in AD (File -> Close) 3. Now the folder containing the SVG remains LOCKED even if the SVG file is deleted. This means that the folder cannot be deleted while AD is running. So, to delete the folder, the AD program must be closed which is very annoying and time-consuming! Windows 7 x64 Please fix this bug. Thank you.
  4. Sure, that would be much better. PS: Don't confuse this with the SVG Export "SVG (flatten)" which is totally different: This kind of "flattening" saves an encoded PIXEL IMAGE in the SVG code!
  5. I expected this question. Printing an SVG from AD to a PDF printer driver eliminates all SVG transformations like e.g. clippings. I.e. the resulting PDF looks like it is displayed in AD but without using inherent transformations. This process is called "FLATTENING". At the end of the whole batch process, the result is a flattened SVG file which is not achievable directly in AD.
  6. The PDF manual says: "Open the LOCAL DESIGNS GALLERY by clicking the Local Designs Gallery tab in the Galleries bar or the ONLINE CONTENT CATALOG using "FILE" > "NEW FROM CONTENT CATALOG")." • There is no "FILE" > "NEW FROM CONTENT CATALOG": Where can I find the Online Content Catalog?
  7. A good Vectorizer IMHO should not only have an "accuracy" slider but different characteristics settings which are snapshots of complex tracing parameters. So this would allow selecting a characteristics snapshot with one click from a list.
  8. How can I VERTICALLY CENTER a text inside a Text Frame?
  9. Thanks, this is very nice. I like this program!
  10. How can I assign a subset of properties from one object to another object? For example: 1. Select object A 2. Copy properties of object A to the internal clipboard 3. Select object B 4. Paste properties from internal clipboard 5. Check which properties you want to paste (with visual feedback) 6. Click OK to apply pasting the checked properties to object B

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