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  1. Any news? It's over 2 years now...
  2. Good question, I also would like to know if its possible to move my license to the Windows Store.
  3. Hi, ​ ​recently all my saved files are corrupted. At first it was only one, but now it's like 90% of them. ​I'm on Windows 10 with the recent Designer version. ​ ​My suspicion is that is has something to do with OneDrive and Boxcryptor. These particular files I have encrypted via Boxcryptor on my OneDrive. All other files are OK thou. Which tells me that there is nothing wrong with the encryption and decryption. ​How and when does Designer classify a file as corrupt? Could it be that it is to rigorous with that? ​ ​Any help is greatly appreciated. ​Daniel
  4. bratwurst

    Mobile companion app

    Hey, thanks for the welcome! ​Too bad there are no concrete plans for a Android version. Maybe if enough people support this idea in this thread we can make something happen! There are interface designer on Windows and Android out there :D
  5. Hi, I would like to ask if something is on the roadmap or if there are any information regarding it. What I mean by companion app is something like Skala View or Adobe Experience Design/Preview CC which are apps that mirror your file/artboard to a mobile device so you can have a live view of your work. This is especially usefull for interface designers as they have to constantly check how the design feels on the target device. Is there a good workaround for now if my work enviroment consists of a Windows PC and an Android smartphone? Thanks and keep up the awesome work! Daniel