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  1. I created a couple of text frames and nested them in a group with a sub-group like this: "Group" L "Text frame" L "Text frame" L "Sub-group" L "Text frame" L "Text frame" L "Text frame" L "Text frame" If I select the parent group and change the spell check language it doesn't change it for all the elements in that group. Now imagine having multiple of these group elements in your document. You have to manually select each text frame and change the language. Why it wasn't the correct language in the first place doesn't matter here in my opinion. Just that it is very cumbersome to change the spell check language of a whole document. But I think it was because I created the document on a computer that was running a different UI language.
  2. If I want to change the spell check language I have to select each text frame individually because when they are in groups and I select the whole document and change the language in the character panel, it doesn't change it for the text fields in groups. This is pretty cumbersome and and I think could be done better. Maybe have the character panel language dropdown effect also text fields in groups or maybe have a way of changing the language globally.
  3. Any news? It's over 2 years now...
  4. Good question, I also would like to know if its possible to move my license to the Windows Store.
  5. Hi, ​ ​recently all my saved files are corrupted. At first it was only one, but now it's like 90% of them. ​I'm on Windows 10 with the recent Designer version. ​ ​My suspicion is that is has something to do with OneDrive and Boxcryptor. These particular files I have encrypted via Boxcryptor on my OneDrive. All other files are OK thou. Which tells me that there is nothing wrong with the encryption and decryption. ​How and when does Designer classify a file as corrupt? Could it be that it is to rigorous with that? ​ ​Any help is greatly appreciated. ​Daniel
  6. bratwurst

    Mobile companion app

    Hey, thanks for the welcome! ​Too bad there are no concrete plans for a Android version. Maybe if enough people support this idea in this thread we can make something happen! There are interface designer on Windows and Android out there :D
  7. Hi, I would like to ask if something is on the roadmap or if there are any information regarding it. What I mean by companion app is something like Skala View or Adobe Experience Design/Preview CC which are apps that mirror your file/artboard to a mobile device so you can have a live view of your work. This is especially usefull for interface designers as they have to constantly check how the design feels on the target device. Is there a good workaround for now if my work enviroment consists of a Windows PC and an Android smartphone? Thanks and keep up the awesome work! Daniel

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