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    Macros + Tone Mapping

    G'day, I'm designing up macros for batch processing 32bit .hdr files, and have encountered a bug. My macro involves opening the 'Tone Mapping Persona', selecting a filter, and applying the changes (before continuing on with a heap of other steps before and after). However, though the Marco works repetitively while Affinity Photo is running in that instance, once the program is closed, and re-opened, the macro only applies what seems to be the 'default' exposure boaster instead of the desired filter. I have tested this thoroughly, to the point where the macro is just open 'Tone Mapping Persona', selecting a filter (a B&W one), and applying the changes. And still it works only until the program is closed and reopened. This process flow is vital to my workflow. Are you aware of this issue? Is there any work arounds? Please let me know if there is an intended fix, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers