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  1. You might want to import the file into AP and use a Lens Distortion or Displace filter with a mask applied to that specific area, in order to get that kind of effect.
  2. Calm down people. I know the very notion of Affinity apps gets our adrenaline pumping, but we’re humans and can control ourselves ;)
  3. Hi guys, I decided to make my icon pack free. I am busy with my startup and don’t have time nor interest to improve this further. Hope it comes useful to you. Thanks, Vlad Eclipse - Icon Pack.afdesign
  4. And don’t forget about off canvas workspace. That’s also important.
  5. https://medium.com/product-design-ux-ui/quick-story-of-how-photoshop-made-my-workflow-rusty-36857bab4c60 Artboards please B)
  6. Easy. Right now you have one white working space acting as one page. Artboards means you have more of those :)
  7. I always disliked Sketch's UI. It’s a bit to different from PS/AI for my taste. AD/AP seem to follow more standard UI’s. Now where are those artboards? And still need an Array Tool ;)
  8. Definitely. You can’ drag or alt drag it now. Also I don’t like that clicking the fx button opens the panel. It should just enable or disable the effects on that layer. Maybe Cmd + fx click should open the panel?
  9. Yes arboards + symbols + array tool :) and make a proper eyedropper as well
  10. Basically you can only use one license for commercial use on one mac. Any other macs you have are non-commercial for the same license.
  11. I am having the same issue with many nodes. It just hangs :(
  12. Hopefully they listen :) Matt said he will discuss with Tony this quite a while ago. No news of if it happened or if they decided anything....
  13. I get a problem sometimes when the floating layer panels disappears from the almost screen completely. I can still see the edge or something but I can’t drag it or anything.
  14. Nope, all are Blender + AP.
  15. but please don’t put those crappy PS/AI ones. Maybe something like VideoCopilot Lens flares? :D
  16. Hey guys, Made in Blender with Cycles Render. Retouching in AP RC Cheers, Vlad
  17. Current eyedropper....it’s a big mess. Seems like an afterthought then a proper feature.
  18. I like the old/current ones much more. The new ones are so...bland.
  19. 00Ghz

    Unicorn :D

    Hi guys, An older project for fun in AP first betas. Cheers, Vlad
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