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  1. Hi guys, Latest project made entirely in affinity. Except the gif animation. https://www.behance.net/gallery/33966100/FoodJunky-Application-Design-Concept Cheers, Vlad
  2. I won’t mind it for animating UI’s. Even Krita got something basic... it can’t be that hard to add it to AD & AP.
  3. Not currently, things have slowed down a bit until Spring. More free time :D
  4. Maybe I should accept donations. Might even consider expanding the pack with at least 100 more icons. :)
  5. Incredible... there are still people interested in it :)
  6. I think it has already? Use the Corner tool© and change settings as you wish.
  7. Krita beta looks like a decent start. There is also this Tumult Hype 3 app for animations. Works pretty nicely. Did you try that one?
  8. No worry, just another year(at least) and Publisher will be here. Who needs text wrap anyway.... :o
  9. Names, selection and range would be all welcomed. And some option to reverse the order they are exported if I want it. Right now the bottom artboard is the first PDF page, and the top artboard is the last. :)
  10. I would like a drag and drop option for the FX button, like in PS/AI.
  11. Hi, As title says, want to make it smaller, to have more space for other panels. Thanks
  12. Still it would be nice for the devs to put a check in place to see how much RAM the OS has available and make sure the slider can’t go more then that. Good UX doesn’t hurt.
  13. Ben, you’re wrong. Multichannel & 32 bit support has been requested several times before by me and several other users, although we had several formats in mind(PSD, OpenExr, HDR). Anyone dealing with 3D stuff seriously uses multichannel and 32bit for compositing.
  14. Some option to enable this behaviour would be good.
  15. Hi, Would like to align to inside the stroke even when the curve is open. Right now it’s only aligning to the middle despite the settings being set to inside. Support outside as well of course. :) Thanks, Vlad
  16. I am a 3D artist as well ;) But you can find work arounds. Try using levels to change color distribution, it helps. Or go to Fusion 7/8 make changes there and import the image back to AP. That also works fine.
  17. Exactly. It’s something I could code myself and I am bad at programming :D
  18. It’s just a bit silly not having at least some advanced selection options.
  19. Agree. Right now you can’t get access to the pasteboard as well without an artboard being created by default.
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