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  1. On 7/19/2017 at 10:42 AM, Lee D said:

    Hi Vlad,


    From previous experience it's usually down to being logged into the wrong account. If you're certain this isn't the case It will be best if you contact the support team for the Mac App Store as we don't have any access to your Apple ID. to check the purchase history.

    You're partially right. The purchase was made in a different country store, and as such it isn't available for download in the current country. And I don't have a local credit card in other store country to switch stores.

    I don't see myself buying affinity apps again since I already own them. What should I do? torrent/cracked stuff? that would be utterly ridiculous since I have licenses purchased for both AD & AP for mac.

     Will use my windows licenses then, not the most pleasant workflow. :(

  2. Hi guys,

    So I made an order for AD & AP back in 2015 or so. I had to reinstall macOS Sierra after trying the High sierra beta. All things good except that AD/AP are no longer listed in the store purchase history. They just vanished..... everything else is there as it should be except AD & AP.

    I used the same email address as on this forum for the purchase. 

    Any advice? :(


  3. Hi,

    I tried yesterday and today to get a multilayered openEXR file to open in AP for Windows(using latest non beta version)
    . I didn’t use it before for this on Win, so no idea how it should behave.

    I encounter 2 main issues and they seem related somehow. I can’t get the alpha layers to work as a mask. I also tried the premultiply option from the preferences color menu, and various other settings combinations. That also doesn’t do anything. The alpha channels simply don’t work, all I get is black instead of the transparency. Also sometimes the alpha thumbnail previews only show white everywhere, instead of only the area where the object should be visible. 
    I am not messing around with the color channels in the channels panel either.

    Any ideas of what’s going on? Attached the file.



  4. I think a joke like that might be misinterpreted.


    While the wait is inconvenient for members, it is better that the finished product works. Windows users must remember the stressful times of when Windows 8 first came out with a pile of bugs which were not addressed. As for the silence, Mark said in another topic or this one (too lazy to look) that they were super busy with the 1.6 update. So that is clearly their focus right now. I know I defend Affinity a lot, but hey, why not? They're hard workers.

    We’re not going to steal anything, don’t worry. Just convince the upper powers to be more open to the needs of the common folk. ;)


    LOL what's that, crappy pseudo code?  :D

    Exactly!!! How did you guess? :D


    The only thing I know to code to some extent is coffeescript in FramerJS. Trying to play with SVG animations at the moment.

    Everything else is random stuff mixed from different languages, with some bits of C++ that I remember from high school. 


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