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    Icon Pack

    Hi everyone, I present you my new icon pack in line and filled versions. I made this pack to promote Affinity Designer as a professional alternative to AI,PS and Sketch. By purchasing this pack which is only 8$ you get over 200 icons in total and not only you’re designs will reach new levels, but you will also encourage creation of other quality content for Affinity Designer and Photo. SUPPORT TODAY! GET it NOW from here: http://www.vladmafteiuscai.com/store/eclipseiconpack You can find a free sample below in the attachment. Cheers, Vlad Eclipse Icons - Demo.afdesign
  2. Number 6 solution you gave is not really a solution, more like a workaround. :)
  3. 00Ghz

    Icon Pack

    Launched the full pack. Check it out and support today at http://www.vladmafteiuscai.com/store/eclipseiconpack Cheers, Vlad
  4. 00Ghz

    PS Plugins - test

    Hi guys, Found those awesome plugins. Was wondering if people could get some time and test them. Especially those particle ones look awesome. http://richardrosenman.com/product-category/freeware/?post_types=product Cheers, Vlad
  5. I agree, Linux is just way way too cumbersome to use in day to day life. You need a degree just to try to understand it. Have you ever tried to instal GPU drivers for example......you have to shut down parts of the OS manually(no other OS requires a normal user to do stuff like that), use some terminal stuff which might or not might work and then prey to God from your heart that it will work. And there is the issue of SO MANY Distros.....every guy wants to do stuff his own way just because he feels like it. Sure you could support Ubuntu but then other people using other distros will get pissed. I could keep going....if people raise 500k to port it sure go ahead...but I don’t see that happening either.
  6. 00Ghz

    Lock position, not content

    Sounds like PS lock options.
  7. 00Ghz

    Dribbble accounts

    see signature for behance :)
  8. Hi, Any chance to suport those besides standard bezier? Thanks, Vlad
  9. The problem is a lot of PS assets that are found online use them. Right now they are pretty useless and its a big issue when talking about importing support, workflow and AD or AP being a PS replacement.
  10. Hi devs, Is PSD Smart Object supported? I have a couple of PSD’s, and what are supposed to be smart objects with embedded files which can be modified are opened instead as pixel layers. I can’t get around this issue unfortunately. Thanks, Vlad
  11. I tried that but not in the video. Holding over the edges has absolutely no effect. In worse case snapping to other objects kicks in and you get the constraints.
  12. Well in AI and PS I can drag and it will snap whatever I do. I don’t have to think about it. While manually selecting the snapping candidate before copying might present some benefits, overall I find it cumbersome to a fast workflow. Snapping should work fine regardless of what I am doing. Edit: It seems after some testing that while Cmd + Dragging an object over some other object, it will make that object beneath a snapping candidate as intended if you press either shift of control. However the behaviour is very inconsistent and only works about 1/3 of the time. So I still consider this a bug.
  13. Here they are: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73kwUgXIf8MSmw1VmlEcnRQS3c/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B73kwUgXIf8MR3NyelR1Z1VYdEk/view?usp=sharing
  14. Same experience here. Will try to make a file or recording to show the behaviour.
  15. Hi, My take on a classic. Made the shots dramatic to enhance the feeling of old and prestige. Rendering time was quite short about 5 min each. POST in Affinity Photo Beta. ;) For more pics check my behance + a modeling timelapse. https://www.behance.net/gallery/24002497/Classical-Violin? Cheers, Vlad
  16. Hey guys, Here is something I done in Modo today. Post in Affinity Photo Beta. Everything went smooth apart from those live filters hanging and slowing things done.... A LOT!!!! Render time about 2 hours with Modo Renderer. Hope you like it :) Cheers, Vlad
  17. 00Ghz

    Antique Wine Barrels

    Of course for the wood reflection and illumination of the back wall but there are some intended effects here ;)

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