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  1. All I want is the ability to port my Astute plugins over to Affinity. If any of you haven't yet tried them (and have Illustrator), well, do so. They save me a ton of time, and increase my creativity. I don't get paid for these comments. (If I did I'd give that money right back to them to complete my suite of their plugins...I can only afford to buy them piecemeal as they are super expensive.) I can't fathom how Serif corp could afford to buy the plugins and have them as a regular part of their software. But to allow plugins bought for Illustrator to work? Hell yes! Or for new users to buy them for Affinity, hell yes!
  2. JET, if you haven’t tried any of the Astute Illustrator plug-ins (and have access to Illustrator), you should definitely download a bunch and try them. (Free trials.) Or at least watch their videos. They are insanely helpful. Expensive, but really really helpful.
  3. Since Astute has plugins for Adobe Illustrator, and people can just buy whichever plugins they want to use (I bought three when they went on sale Cyber Monday), and Astute has said they want to provide plugins for programs...what’s wrong with them and Affinity sharing APIs and there being Astute plugins avail for customers to purchase for Affinity? Seens like many would want the option to try them out (Astute offers trial days), and some would buy certain ones. If you haven’t downloaded some of their plugins and do have IL...try them out, they’re amazing! That way Serif doesn’t need to make their price higher, and Astute gains a new market for their powerful plugins. Win-Win?
  4. Ooo, I sure I hope to hear good news from Serif on this!!
  5. I LOVE the tools Astute provides. I've used their trial period to work with many of them, but have only purchased a few as they're spendy! (Worth it, but spendy!) I would guess Affinity/Serif would just need to contact Astute and work out integration, but then let Astute provide the plugins. That way Affinity can stay the same price, and people can choose what plugins they want to buy from Astute. I reached out to Astute to see if they'd be creating plugins for Affinity and this is their reply: (Red and bold my emphasis.) So how about it, Serif?? Are you going to contact Astute? Their plugins really rock, and this would really make huge strides in comparability between Illustrator and Designer. Here's their contact info: enquiries@astutegraphics.com Nicholas van der Walle Managing Director Astute Graphics Limited Penn House, 9-10 Broad Street Hereford HR4 9AP, ENGLAND tel. +44 (0) 1432 341073